Wing Commander

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Position Description[edit]

The Wing Commander is in charge of up to six (6) squadrons, which comprise the standard TIE Corps Wing. Wing Commanders act as an exchange between their Squadron Commanders and the ship's Commodore. The Wing Commander is usually given the freedom to appoint Squadron Commanders, as well as mediate disputes between squadrons.

Rank: The minimum rank for a Wing Commander is Major. The maximum is General. Note that somebody that holds the rank of Rear Admiral or higher is demoted to Colonel on appointment unless they have previously held the rank of General.

As of 2010, the position is unused.

Command Responsibilities[edit]

  • Oversee the operations of the Wing.
  • Provide Weekly Wing Reports to the Wing.
  • Provide Monthly Wing Evaluations to the Commodore.
  • Keep in contact with Squadron Commanders.
  • Appoint Squadron Commanders.
  • Review medal recommendations from Squadron Commanders.
  • Review comments, questions, etc from wing members.
  • Report to the Commodore with recommendations.
  • Design, implement, and manage Wing-wide competitions.
  • Forward emails, where appropriate, from superior officers to the Wing.
  • Inform the Wing of important events, competitions, etc.
  • Completes BSFs for all Squadron Commanders under his/her command.
  • Be familar with primary reference materials (Training Manual, etc.).
  • Be familar with primary TIE Corps and Emperor's Hammer webpages (Emperor's Hammer domain, TIE Corps domain, TIE Corps roster, message board, etc.).
  • Submissions for the Emperor's Hammer Newsletter (sent to the Executive Officer).
  • Post/read the Emperor's Hammer message boards (where possible).
  • Participate in competitions (where possible).
  • Attend on-line meetings (where possible).
  • Online Requirements: Moderate. Wing Commanders must put out weekly Wing Reports to their Wing and provide their *Commodore with Monthly Wing Evaluations.

Most of a Wing Commander's work will be in the form of reviewing various medal and promotion requests, verification of mission completions, etc. However, a Wing Commander must be present occasionally on-line to post messages on message boards. The Wing Commander must keep in contact with the six Squadron Commanders in his wing and make sure the Squadrons are active. In addition, the email load of a Wing Commander is rather heavy, with response times expected to be 24-48 hours. (average 7-12 hours/week).

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