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Standard Competitions

Individual competitions are the foundational block of sanctioned competition within the Dark Brotherhood, their structure is replicated and relied upon for all large scale events/competitions and they are the most prolific and accessible of all competitions, as they can be organised by any member of the Brotherhood so long as the initial proposal is approved.

Competition Approval

Each competition must be approved before it is released so that parity in awards and standards are maintained.

Target Unit Approved by
Battleteam Quaestor, Aedile
House Consul, Proconsul
Clan Consul, Proconsul
DB-Wide, Inter-Clan Dark Council

Note: Any inter-House competition that takes place within a single Clan is considered to be a Clan level competition, any inter-House competition that takes place between two or more Clans is considered to be an Inter-Clan competition.

Note: A leader of each unit participating in a competition or someone above them in their Chain of Command must have approved of a competition before it is submitted for review.

Competition Format

For a competition to be approved the following information is required so that the competition can be fully understood, scheduled and executed consistent with the standard competition format.

Mapping Required Fields Examples
Name Competition Name [Platform] Example Competition
Explanation: Competition names are typically descriptive, memorable and attention grabbing. It's suggested to prefix competition names with the shorthand for the game or type of competition (e.g. [SWTOR], [Graphic] etc.) so members can see what the competition relates to at a glance.
Automatic Organiser(s) Protector Vigil, Knight Sanguine
Explanation: It's best to provide the names of those who have organised and/or will be running the competition for approval. Though when entering via the website only the person submitting the competition will be recorded.

Note: Competition organizers are not eligible for awards in their own competitions.

Units Involved Target Unit(s) Stingray Battleteam
Explanation: List the names of the Units involved and not just type of unit as the context of which units are involved is important, especially when scheduling multiple events.
Start Date Start Date 12/30/22
End Date End Date 01/29/22
Note: It is recommended that standard competitions do not exceed a span of 1 month. And reoccurring competitions must be approved with the Master-At-Arms.
Competition Details Competition Type Gaming/PvE
Explanation: See Competition Types.
Competition Details Synopsis Participants will play GAME and earn points per victory, at the end of the competition awards given to the participants with the most overall points.
Explanation: Describe to those who will review and approve your competition how it will function.
Competition Details Competition Announcement Dark Greetings fellow Brotherhood Members, today Stingray Battleteam embarks on a mission to destroy a Rebel Outpost in the Bunning Snag sector. You will be charged with assisting the Starfighter assault of their orbital defense fleet, this is a battle of attrition and each victory will move our forces closer to the destruction of the Rebel Outpost.
Explanation: Describe thematically to the intended audience of your competition why the competition is taking place and what is expected of them. If necessary use this opportunity to connect your competition to a larger or ongoing story.
Competition Details Scoring Each PvE Victory in GAME will accrue the victory 1 point, at the end of the event participants will be rank based on their total number of points and first, second and third will receive ... 1st Emerald Crescent, 2nd Topaz Crescent, 3rd Quartz Crescent.
Explanation: As succinctly as possible outline how your competition will be scored so that participants can easily reference this information.
Competition Details Awards Cr-1E, Cr-1T, Cr-1Q
Explanation: List the awards available from your competition, this is primarily so that reviewers can determine at a glance whether the proposed awards match up with the type and scale of the competition. Competition awards (e.g. Crescents) can only be awarded to members who place within the competition and cannot be used as participation awards.

Competition Types

Type Description
Gaming (General) General competition that involves playing games but is neither specifically PVE or PVP
Gaming (PvP) Competitive gaming competition where participants will play against real people and the Kaiburr Star may potentially be earned
Gaming (PvE) Co-op or Player vs Environment
Trivia Competitive or self-competitive Trivia competition where Legion of the Scholar may potentially be earned
Art (Multimedia) An artistic competition where submissions may range from writing, graphics, audio, long-form video and beyond
Art (Fiction) An artistic competition where submissions may range from creative writing, poetry, combat fiction etc.
Art (Graphics) An artistic competition where submissions may range from 2D to 3D art (gifs and short form video may be appropriate means of displaying artwork)


A Vendetta is an event formed around one or more competitions, with a narrative component, potentially includes some form of prize and pits one or more parties against each other to determine the victor. But what truly sets a Vendetta apart from any other competition is that it is approved and can be adjudicated by the Dark Council, officiating victories and ensuring prizes and wagers are upheld. The official status is what allows the prestigious Gold, Silver and Bronze Novae to be awarded for Vendetta.

The Art of Vendetta

The Art of Vendetta are the sacred articles that outline the rules, forms and penalties of Vendetta. Read more about the Art of Vendetta here.

Great Wars

Great Wars are full-scale events that engulf the entirety of the Dark Brotherhood. A Great War may encompasses all the forms of Vendetta, but to be considered a Great War it must minimally include Clan vs. Clan and House vs. House competition and all Houses and Clans of the Dark Brotherhood must be involved. As an example, as all Houses are competing, it may also include the Rite of Supremacy to bestow the title of First House of the Brotherhood and/or it may contain a Duel of Champions, pitting the best from two or more parties to lay claim to a staked wager. But overall a Great War will include many competitions over a long period of time.

A Great War is a strongly narrative event with large scale and sometimes dramatic ramifications, as it has to mobilise the entirety of the Clans to battle. This could be against each other or another antagonist. Great Wars affects the ongoing narratives of all participants, as they tell the story of the entire Dark Brotherhood.

Great Wars are typically run, at most, yearly. And can potentially run for multiple months.


Rites are ceremonial combat events that convey titles and rights to or between various parties. Rites are typically held to determine the most powerful of the Clans and Houses, this is known as a Rite of Supremacy. That which a Rite conveys is typically bestowed by the Dark Council and as such the creation and initiation of Rites are normally at the discretion and behest of the Dark Council.

Rites are typically a month long series of competitions, but could feasibly run for a single competition.


Feuds are large scale Dark Council sanctioned combat between Houses or Clans used to settle disputes and or prove dominance without resorting to the outright destruction of an adversary. To this end Feuds are instead fought to determine the ownership of assets and possessions (or potentially their destruction), these may be possessions staked by either party, or alternatively a Feud may settle a disputed claim.

To allow the resentment fueling a Feud to burn itself out a Feud will typically run for at least one month.

Sanctioned Competitions

Competitions that would not normally fit the criteria of a specific Vendetta can be given special approval by the Dark Council, raising them in status and bestowing the right to award Novae to winners and the option of allowing Spoils of War at the Dark Councils discretion. Sanctioned competitions may include inter-unit competitions.

The length of a Sanctioned competition varies.

Sanctioned Duels

Duels are small scale combat between two opponents sanctioned by the Dark Council, like Feuds these may be used to settle disputes and or prove dominance. A sanctioned Duel allows the addition of a wager to be upheld, this may be a personal possession or the possession of a Unit if acting as a representative or champion.

A Duel typically lasts only a single competition, but is not prohibited from lasting longer.

Spoils of War

A common perk afforded a Vendetta is the ability to present Spoils of War to be claimed by the victors, these may be assets or holdings, possessions or laurels. Each Vendetta has Spoils of War that in part determine what form the Vendetta takes.

All Spoils of War must be ratified by the Dark Council before a Vendetta is approved.

Titles and Laurels

The offering of Titles and the grand acknowledgement of achievements by the Dark Council are typical of Rites.

Wagers and Stakes

The Wagering of ones possessions or a units assets or holdings, or the staking of the right to claim an asset or holding is typical of Feuds and Sanctioned Duels.

Awards and Prizes

The Dark Council has the power to assign Awards and Prizes to a Vendetta beyond those that are typically available. This is most common during a Great War.