Dathka “Dakka Dakka” Graush

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Born on Ryloth in 5BBY, LT Dathka “Dakka Dakka” Graush survived the streets of Lessu from a young age. After the loss of his parents during a conflict between Cham Syndulla’s rebels and the newly formed empire, Dathka resented all rebel cells and saw the chaos and pain that the rebels caused on the worlds that they touched. His view of the rebellion is something that would affect him the rest of his life.

Learning the art of the vibro-karambit from a zabrak street fighter, Dathka quickly rose to prominence in the underground fighting circuits. Dathka eventually became known for his brutal yet efficient style. As his popularity grew in the ring Dathka’s mentor grew jealous. He was eventually betrayed by the zabrak that had taught him and was forced to kill the only father figure that he had ever known.

At the age of 16 standard galactic years, Dathka joined the imperial navy as a TIE pilot. Being adept hand-to-hand combat he was able to improve the ground based effectiveness of his squadron, and eventually transferred to an infiltration focused wing where he found success in a variety of missions, most of which are redacted.

After the destruction of the second Death Star, Dathka took the opportunity amid the chaos of the crumbling empire to leave his post, taking a modified TIE Defender in the process. During his stint away from the imperial navy, Dathka took work in several planetary defence forces for planets seeking stability after the withdrawal of the weakened imperial military. While he was working as a private defence contractor Dathka was hired by a member of a particularly ruthless imperial splinter faction. By 27 ABY, Dathka found himself wanted for espionage and terrorism in most civilised systems. Eventually the small imperial cell that he was with could not protect him any longer, so he jumped to hyperspace during a losing battle and ended up in the Unknown Regions

Around 30 ABY, Dathka had completely cut ties with his previous imperial splinter factions, and drifted as a loner taking small mercenary work to survive. Shortly after leaving his imperial faction Dathka found himself hired to do some infiltration work in the new republic military. While undercover he ran into an Emperor’s Hammer recruiter CPT “Stitches” TheBlackxRanger who recognised him from a bounty that was posted 2 years prior. After being captured by Ranger, Dathka found that the EH was in need of pilots for their expanding fleet and convinced Ranger to recruit him instead of turning him in.

TIE Corps[edit]

After being recruited Dathka was trained aboard the PLT Daedalus and was stationed aboard the ISDII Challenge as a part of the newly formed Raven Squadron. Completing his TCCORE and filling in his INPR on his first day aboard the challenge Dathka was quickly promoted to Lieutenant.