Deputy Grand Moff

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The Deputy Grand Moff is in effect an extension of the Grand Moff and is charged with bringing relevant details and information to the attention of the Grand Moff and acting as a mediator of the Ministry Council and the other membership. All members of the Ministry Council are initially answerable to the Deputy Grand Moff, to whom the task falls of procuring updates and relevant information from them on a weekly basis. The Deputy Grand Moff also serves as a personal advisor to the Grand Moff, and is instrumental in the technical aspects of the Directorate, supporting the Minister of Communication where possible. On occasions where the Grand Moff is on leave or absent due to other duties, the Deputy Grand Moff is in acting command of the Directorate. Upon appointment, the Deputy Grand Moff will receive the title of Marquis and can be promoted - with the combined consent of not only the Grand Moff but also the Fleet Commander - to the rank of Duke.