Executive Director of the Ubiqtorate

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Position Description[edit]

The Executive Director is second in command of the Intelligence Division. He handles all the Division-wide administrative tasks that the SDIR does not. When the Supreme Director is away on business or is on leave, the ExDIR assumes command of the Intelligence Division.


The Executive Director is the editor-in-chief and publisher of the Intelligence Division newsletter, The Agent's Comlink. Submissions are to be sent to the ExDIR for review and placement within the newsletter. The ExDIR handles all medal-related events and maintains the official medal board. No medals will be issued without the approval of the Executive Director.

Access to Information[edit]

The Executive Director must hold the rank of Rear Admiral (RA) upon appointment, and may be promoted up to Admiral. (AD) The ExDIR has Level 2 Access under the Intelligence Division's Document Classification System, and can access all but the extreme highest information regarding the Intelligence Division. The ExDIR is a designated Operator with level 450 X access in #DGN_Lichtor_V and 100 X access #Praetorian.