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The Intelligence Division is a Subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. We are the eyes and ears of the Hammer. The Intelligence Division keeps a close watch not only on the internal workings of the fleet, but also external threats. The individual Bureaus of the Intelligence Division perform anywhere from very basic operations to highly secret and critical functions for the Fleet. Such operations include, but are not limited to, infiltration, information gathering, assassination, political subterfuge, VIP escort, and naval security.

The Intelligence Division utilizes no specific game platform. Most of the operations and work that goes on within the Division is conducted using IRC, AIM, and other online venues. Given the nature of many of the Division operations, much of the information regarding the specific events that occur is kept classified. Agents must understand that the Intelligence Division is run on a "need to know" philosophy, that is, if the information isn't vital to your operation, chances are you will not be informed about it.

Classification Levels[edit]

  • Level 1 (Top Secret)
    • Fleet Commander
    • Executive Officer
    • Supreme Director

  • Level 2 (Highly Secret)
    • Executive Director

  • Level 3 (Secret)
    • The Ubiqtorate

  • Level 4 (Highly Classified)
    • Bureau Directors
    • Security Officer
    • Judge Advocate General

  • Level 5 (Classified)
    • Assistant Bureau Directors
    • Branch Leaders
    • Lord Ambassador

  • Level 6 (Restricted)
    • ID Personal

  • Level 7 (Unclassified)
    • EH Personal

Former Supreme Directors of Intelligence[edit]

VA Aseret Thunderhawk
AD Mordann Tal'kyra

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