Kaiburr Star

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The Kaiburr Star is cut out of one solid crystal block. These crystals can only be found on the planet Kaiburr, giving the medal its name. Its crimson red color mirrors perfectly the color of blood which was spilled by the awardee, when he vanquished his enemies in order to recieve this medal.

Reference: Dark Side Compendium

Awarded for[edit]

Being overall winner in a DC sanctioned Dark Brotherhood wide Multiplayer event involving any of the three Orders.


The type of Kaiburr Star awarded is upgraded at the following levels.

Upgrade Details Image
/w Emerald Core (KS-EC) Basic Medal
Ks emerald.jpg
/w Saphire Core (KS-SC) 10 Medals
Ks saphire.jpg
/w Amethyst Core (KS-AC) 25 Medals
Ks amethyst.jpg
/w Gold Core (KS-EC) 50 medals
Ks gold.jpg

Award Authority[edit]

Any Dark Council member.

Equivalent Award[edit]

In the TIE Corps, the Distinguished Flying Cross series of medals are awarded for competitions.

Preceded by
Cluster of Fire
Competition Award Precedence
Succeeded by
Bronze Nova