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This award is a cluster of three yellow Adegan crystals set in an ornate silver mounting which can be displayed by the owner. The center crystal is changed with the appropriate colored crystal as the awardee grows in skill.

Reference: Dark Side Compendium

Awarded for[edit]

Victory in any multiplayer battle (as a part of a DC sanctioned competition) whether on the ground or in the air. The Cluster of Fire awards excellence in the arts of multiplayer combat. It symbolizes the heat of the fire that battle skills are forged in, and the color of the flame denotes your skill in battle.

Requirements for the respective DB approved gaming platforms[edit]

You need to be on the winning ream of a PvP match.

In addition to that you need to be:

  • the Top 1 placed player according to your score (or EFF, or what ever the game calls it) in matches with 3 or fewer players on each team
  • among the Top 2 placed players according to your score in matches with 4 or 5 players in each team
  • among the Top 3 placed players according to your score in matches with 6 or more players in each team

In cases where there are more than one player with the same score, the placements among the Top 2 or Top 3 will be determined as in sports events.

Here some examples of what that means for CoF: A, B, C, D and E are members of the winning team in a PvP match. A has a score of 1,000, B and C both have a score of 900, D has 850 and E 800. This means that A is on first place, B and C share place 2, D is on place 4 and E on place 5 for his team. If A, B or C were all DB members, only A might get a CoF for this match. In this case A, B and C would be eligible for a CoF.

If there was an additional player F on that team with a score of 1,000, just like A, the situation would be as follows, A and F would share the first place, B and C would share the third place, D would be on fifth place and E would end up being on sixth place. If A, B, C and F would be DB members, all 4 would be eligible for a CoF.

Old platform-specific CoF requirements[edit]

Star Conflict:[edit]

  • Domination/Beacon Hunt/Hunt the Beacon: Victory + player must be among the top 3 of beacon capturers of the team
  • Team Battle: Victory + player must be among the top 3 of the teams EFF points
  • Bombing Run: Victory + player must plant at least one bomb
  • Battle Recon: Victory + kill the Captain or survive as Captain

X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing: Alliance:[edit]

  • Victory against other player in a 1v1 game
  • Win as a team against other team in a 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4 game

Star Trek online:[edit]

  • Victory of the player's team in a Space Battle
  • Victory of the player's team in a Ground Battle

Galactic Star Fighter - Star Wars the old Republic:[edit]

  • Victory in Space Battle

Star Wars: Empire at War:[edit]

  • Victory against another player

Dark Forces 2 / Mysteries of the Sith[edit]

  • Victory against other team

Battle Front 2[edit]

  • Victory against other team

All victories have to be saved as a screenshot and send to your direct superior CC'ing the MAA and P:GM.


The Cluster is upgraded after the following number of awards.

Variety Victories Image
Cluster of Red Fire (CF-RF) 25
Cluster of Orange Fire (CF-OF) 50
Cluster of Yellow Fire (CF-YF) 75
Cluster of Green Fire (CF-GF) 100
Cluster of Cyan Fire (CF-CF) 250
Cluster of Blue Fire (CF-BF) 500
Cluster of Indigo Fire (CF-IF) 750
Cluster of Violet Fire (CF-VF) 1000
Cluster of Red Flare (CF-RF) 1250
Cluster of Orange Flare (CF-OF) 1500
Cluster of Yellow Flare (CF-YF) 1750
Cluster of Green Flare (CF-GF) 2000
Cluster of Cyan Flare (CF-CF) 2250
Cluster of Blue Flare (CF-BF) 2500
Cluster of Indigo Flare (CF-IF) 2750
Cluster of Violet Flare (CF-VF) 3000

Award Authority[edit]

The Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, and Master-At-Arms.

Equivalent Award[edit]

In the TIE Corps, the Legion of Combat is awarded for competitions.

The Hammer's Fist awarded the Star of Valor service medal.

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