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Kaisin Mirtez is currently the Squadron Commander of Ares on board the SSD Sovereign with the current rank of Colonel.


Kaisin Mirtez comes from a family that has served in both the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire. His father served in the later part of the Clone Wars as a picket captain with the Corellia Defense force, and his grandfather was a destroyer captain for the Navy during the Clone Wars as well as the Imperial Navy. Kaisin’s family is the owners of the Mirtez Shipping and Repair Yards, the family business would service and repair vessels as well as providing berthing for any size vessels. The Mirtez Company would regularly berth capital ships of the Corellian Defense force. Though more then often was used to berth VIP ships and luxury yachts.

During this time though Kaisin worked for his father as a pilot of one of the many tugs that were used to berth ships as well as assisting with repair on company vessels. Kaisin along with his father and brother designed the Tazer class Freighter, there was only two of these vessels made and are only in use by Mirtez shipping, during this time Kaisin learned how to pilot a variety of craft including a V-wing that was found and repaired by Kaisin’s father.

After his brother entered the Imperial Academy, Kaisin joined the Cornet City Youth of the Empire where he became interstead even more in flying. After three years of being in the unit, Kaisin was promoted to Commander of the Flight Team in which they preformed at parades, and held mock engagements against other youth groups. At the age of 19 Kaisin was granted an appointment at the Imperial Military Academy.

Galactic Empire[edit]

After graduating from the academy Kaisin was assigned to Tua Squadron where he flew TIE fighters, he managed to survive one year as a fighter pilot, it was after this year of service that Kaisin decided to marry his long time friend Alayissa on Corellia while he was awaiting his next assignment.

After his one year as a fighter pilot Kaisin was transferred to the training squadron Tua Omega on board the ancient star destroyer VSD Victory, while here he trained with pilots to work on creating new and approved fighter tactics. Kaisin spent three years with this squadron before he decided to retire. Kaisin retired from the Service of the Emperor at the rank of Lieutenant two years before the battle of Endor.

Upon retiring Kaisin moved his family to the hills of Cornet City where he built a small home for him and his wife. For five years Kaisin worked with his family ship yards managing the tug squadron. He stayed current in fighters by flying anything from a Y-wing to Uglies. Kaisin felt uneasy with the current status of the galaxy and felt that he needed to be back in the service of the Empire, but with Coruscant and the New Republic taking shape, Kaisin had no place to turn to. That was until a friend from his past paid a visit to him.

Captain Mereck Grainter who served with Kaisin onboard the Victory came to visit him one day and informed him of a group that was formed by the Emperor a year before his death and was commanded by Grand Admiral Ronin who was tasked with keeping the Empire alive. Kaisin was also informed that many former Imperial officers were joining the group knows as Emperors Hammer. Kaisin had no doubt that he would one day find his way To the EH but for now he needed to think of his family and find a way to keep the ship yards from falling in the New Republics hands.

After eight years Kaisin decided enough was enough and sought out the Emperors Hammer and to join with them in the fight against the New Republic. When he found them he enlisted in to the EH and soon took on the task of becoming an officer in the TIE CORPS.


Upon joining the EH, Kaisin completed his introductory course and flight training on board the Platform Daedalus with Alpha Company where completed training in just nine days.

After graduating, Kaisin was assigned to Sigma Squadron in Wing II on board the SSSD Sovereign. It was during this time Kaisin had to readjust to life aboard a star destroyer and life in a squadron. After less then a month in Sigma Kaisin was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Kaisin also decided that it was time to request a change in assignments and requested to join Kappa Squadron under the command of Major Moagim Daar who accepted Kaisin in the squadron. Kaisin begun to fly many simulations as well as taking IWATS to increase his chances of promotion as well as command level positions. It was in Kappa that Kaisin really begun to shine, being awarded several medals as well as two promotions, Lieutenant Commander and Commander, he was also placed as Flight Leader of Flight Two where he learned how to run a flight as well as leadership skills which would come handy when Kaisin would apply and be granted the position of Squadron commander.


After the merging of the wings on the SSSD Sovereign Kaisin applied for the position of Squadron Commander of Ares, on 9/12/2006 Kaisin Mirtez took command of Ares Squadron with the rank of Commander.

Kaisin served for two months before he was promoted to the rank of Captain. During this time Kaisin formed many friendships with other squadron commanders, LC Viper Pred, Major Cube Rancorous as well as the pilots under his charge. Kaisin would see many new pilots join his ranks as well as veterans retire and return from the reserves. During this time Kaisin would be promoted to the rank of Major for his service in Ares and the EH.


During his service to the EH and the TC Kaisin has received many awards, some of the most important ones being as follows:

10/20/2005 Bronze Star of the Empire: CMDR’s notes: Lieutenant Kaisin Mirtez is definitely the most promising pilot I have seen in a while. He is constantly flying, taking IWATS courses and participating in all competitions (be it DAC or SSL). Pilots like him are very precious and I am glad that he decided to join my squadron. For his outstanding performance during his 9 (!) days in Kappa squadron I want him to be awarded with Palpatine Crescent. Recommendation: PC

WC notes: Combining his activity from Sigma with the recommendation CMDR Daar made (a PC) I think LT Kaisin Mirtez tries to become the next flying machine (=P). For his outstanding activity level in September I`d recommend a Bronze Star. Recommended by Admiral Stele Pellaeon

12/5/2006 Bronze Star of the Empire: COMs notes: Captain Kaisin Mirtez once more proved to be great pilot and CMDR alike. He flew 205 missions in November, organized a squadron level competition for his pilots, worked on the new website for his squadron and was active in all communication channels. I wish to reward him with the Bronze Star of the Empire for his effort.

Recommended by Vice Admiral Moagim Daar

1/26/2007 Commendation of Loyalty: As recommended by Moagim Daar:

"Captain Mirtez has shown a huge amount of activity from the very start of the year. Always active and ready to help, he has been an invaluable help to his CMDR in Kappa. He has shown initiative and creativity, and isn't afraid to ask about things he doesn't know. You can find many interesting topics made by him on the Emperor's Hammer's Message Board. Though perhaps not as active as other CMDRs, he shows interest in everything concerning TIE Corps. He holds numerous position, being a CMDR, an IWATS course Professor and a Tactical Surveyor. Always helpful and enthusiastic, he contributes to his squadron and wing with his whole hearth." Recommended by Grand Admiral Astatine

3/14/2007 Bronze Star of the Empire: WC Comment – Kaisin flew an incredible number of missions, considering the Wing activity as whole, and he has worked hard each single month from when he was appointed. I’d award him with a BS for the overall, or a PC if BS is not available. What do you think, Admiral?

COM Comment – I completely agree with recommendation of LC Pred. Kaisin was very active throughout the month and deserves another Bronze Star.

Recommended by Vice Admiral Moagim Daar

Personal Fighter[edit]

Kaisin has flown many fighters and ships during his life, some which were rebuilt were the V-wing and Z-95 Headhunter, has also piloted a Y-wing and an X-wing that was used as defense with his families ship yards. However the two fighters he has come to love flying are the TIE Defender and the TIE Phantom.


Upon graduating, Kaisin was given his first fighter, the fast and nimble TIE Avenger which he named Huntress after a character from a story his mother used to tell him. When ever Kaisin would change squadrons, Kaisin would always name his new fighter Huntress as it held special memories for him.

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