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This article is about the former Executive Officer. For the ship named after him, see Kawolski (Imperial-class).

Kawolski is a former Tactical, Flight and Executive Officer best known for his love of Pokemon and DDR music. He is the creator of Surefire and the TIE Corps database.

He created the TIE Corps database in 1999 while Flight Officer. Prior to this, the TIE Corps and subgroups had managed their rosters through a combination of manual techniques including Word and Excel files. The database was originally coded as an Access database but the scope of the project soon exposed performance issues with using Access. The database was soon scaled up to Microsoft SQL Server. Key features that the database system provided include:

  • Roster management
  • Automated emails generated on a range of triggers, from a member joining to completing an IWATS course to being promoted
  • Historical records
  • Combat profiles that track battles and multiplayer events a member has participated in
  • Reports, medal recommendations, etc

Surefire was to #TIECorps as Atilla was to Europe - a godless scourge with no mercy. See the main Surefire article for more details.

ISDII Kawolski[edit]

After Kawolski's retirement, the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Kawolski was christened in the TIE Corps Battlegroups in his honour.

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