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Emperor's Hammer Command Staff
CS-1 Fleet Commander:

GA Rapier

CS-2 Executive Officer:

Not Filled

CS-3 Security Officer:

Not Filled

CS-4 Internet Officer:

AD Turtle Jerrar

CS-4(a) Communications Officer:

FA Jarek La'an

CS-5 Training Officer:

AD Tomaas Montte

CS-6 Tactical Officer:

AD Pickled Yoda

CS-6(a) Science Officer:

AD Impulse

CS-7 Logistics Officer:

VA Mark Schueler

CS-8 Recon Officer:

AD Miles Prower

Current Attache Staff

AD Jedi Eclipse


AD Hav Antiel

Imperial Fleet Advisors
IA-1 Princeps:

GA Ronin

IA-2 Imperial Sovereign Protector:

Not Filled

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Position Description[edit]

The Flight Officer is responsible for roster development and maintenance, and is defacto commander of the EH TIE Corps. The FO appoints pilots to positions as Flight Members or Trainees, as designated by the Training Officer. The Flight Officer is also given a great deal of flexibility by the Fleet Commander to continually edit and improve the roster as well as appoint new Battlegroup Commanders, Commodores, Wing Commanders, Squadron Commanders, Flight Leaders and/or Flight Members, as necessary to maintain membership balance within the Fleet. The Flight Officer is also assisted by the various Battlegroup Commanders and Commodores who will keep duplicate unit and ship rosters for periodic update by the FO. The Flight Officer also holds the honorary title of "TIE Corps Commander".

Past Flight Officers[edit]

# FO Took office Left office Time in office Promotion
1 Thunder NL3 NL13 - Vice Admiral (NL10)
2 Stelek NL14 NL23 - Admiral (NL22)
3 Kreeayt Havok NL24 NL27 - Fleet Admiral (NL26)
4 Yoni NL28 - -
5 Melan Pyr NL29 NL30 -
6 Jac NL31 NL37 - Fleet Admiral (NL33)
7 Zlatan NL38 NL41 - Fleet Admiral (NL41)
8 Compton NL42 NL45 - Fleet Admiral (NL44)
9 Darth Vader NL46 NL47 - Fleet Admiral (NL47)
10 Kawolski NL48 23rd July 1999 (NL54) - Fleet Admiral
High Admiral
11 Horn NL55 NL56 -
12 Eric O'Flynn 15th September 1999 (NL57) 21st November 1999 (NL58) 2 months, 6 days Admiral (9/20/1999)
13 Kessler 22nd November 1999 (NL59) 18th June 2000 (NL65) 6 months, 27 days Fleet Admiral (1/17/2000)
14 Nighthawk 18th June 2000 (NL66) 2nd July 2000 14 days
15 Sarriss 8th July 2000 (NL67) 23rd November 2000 (NL68) 4 months, 15 days Admiral (NL68)
16 Theodore 23rd November 2000 (NL69) 8th February 2001 2 months, 16 days
17 Priyum Patel 8th February 2001 (NL72) 16th September 2003 (NL96) 2 years, 7 months, 8 days Fleet Admiral (4/9/2001)
High Admiral (2/14/2003)
18 Cyric 29th September 2003 (NL97) 3rd September 2005 1 year, 11 months, 5 days High Admiral (12/18/2004)
Sector Admiral (5/21/2005)
19 Khadgar 19th September 2005 11th February 2006 4 months, 23 days
20 BubbaX 26th February 2006 11th March 2006 13 days
21 Frodo March 14th October 2006 30th May 2007 7 months, 16 days High Admiral
22 Daniel Bonini 30th May 2007 - current Admiral
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