Medal of Tactics

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The Medal of Tactics is a service medal in the Emperor's Hammer. The Medal of Tactics was the first award created in the Emperor's Hammer in Newsletter #6 (January 26, 1995) alongside the Commendation of Service. The first recipients were Cli4ord, Shawshank, and Andrew.


The Training Manual states that, "The Medal of Tactics is awarded by the Tactical Officer to members who create an EH Battle Center approved battle or free mission for use in the EH. Battle creations are rewarded with a Red Hammer(-rh), free mission creations are rewarded with a Green Hammer(-gh) and members who perform authorized and supervised renovations on official battles and free missions and those under review for official status by the Tactical Office (Betas) and awarded with a Blue Hammer(-bh)."

References: EH Training Manual

Award Authority[edit]

This medal can be awarded by the Tactical Officer.


  • Green Hammer (-gh) - For creating a battle.
  • Red Hammer (-rh) - For creating a free mission.
  • Blue Hammer (-bh) - For performing editing/renovations on missions or battles as per the Tactical Officer.


Green Hammer
Red Hammer
Blue Hammer