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Camor'dred'oburo, former Strategical Planner of Chiss Expansionary Defense. Secretly brought to Coruscant by Kinman Doriana to be trained by him and Palpatine.

When Order 66 was given and Lord Vader entered the halls of the Jedi Temple in Coruscant with the extermination of all Jedi in mind, Palpatine's most secret agent, Kinman Doriana, pointed to the recently appointed Emperor that even with the beacon calling all Jedi back to Coruscant, many of them would flee and hide.

To hunt those outlaws, Kinman proposed the creation of a mercenary group, led by himself and Lord Vader, The Vojec Raiders. Vader dismissed the assistance of the Raiders and continued his own war against the fugitive Jedi, but Doriana never gave up the idea.

Using his influence with the Emperor, he gave the Raiders the best weapons and equipment yet to come to the Imperial Navy, using the technology mind of the bith Qiu Za'grill to improve the equipment at will.

The second Victory Star Destroyer ever built was given as lost right after it's commission due a "unknown space event" and the "Griffon" was smuggled out of Rendilli Stardrive shipyards and refit into a prison ship, from where the Vojec could strike Jedi anywhere in the galaxy.

Born in 32 BBY, Camor'dred'oburo was a young Chiss that met Kinman during the event of Outbound Flight (27BBY) and was taken to Coruscant to be trained in secrecy. When the Vojec Raider started their activities, the Emperor unwillingly allowed Mordred to participate, fearing he'd lose a useful agent into that "expansive hobby".

The first hunt was posted on 18BBY, and the Vojec did th job perfectly, and effortlessly. Their deeds after a while became so notorious in the back stage of the Empire, causing Lord Vader to "allow" them to assist in his hunt the Jedi Master Tohr Elres, a fugitive that eluded th Dark Lord for quite too long (17BBY).

When Kinman perished by the time of the Kanimo Uprising (12BBY - it's not known if the facts are related and Kinman perished while in Kamino), the Vojec Raiders were officially disbanded by the Dark Lord and after some aggressive negotiations, declared outlaws to the Empire. The VSD Griffon disappeared in the Unknown Regions with most of the raiders, while the others vanished to the outskirts of galaxy and returned years later, as Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters and body guards.

Early Years[edit]

Being Doriana's favorite disciple, he received a large amount of resources, including the rank of Major, full access to any Scientific Facilities and a personal pass code to allow him request anything from any installation within the nearly born Empire, similar to the ones used by the Emperor's Hands. When Kinman perished, the Emperor dissolved the Vojec Raiders and Mordred returned to the Unknown Regions with Thrawn, recently "exiled". Many years later, Mordred tried to return to the Empire, but being a non-human and force-sensitive, his accomplishments were quickly forgotten and he soon found himself hunted by his former sire, Lord Vader.

Luckily for Mordred, Lord Vader was quickly recalled from his hunt to find the stolen plans of the Death Star, ignoring Mordred, which was then outlawed and soon captured, to be indoctrinated and mentally conditioned as a pilot for the Empire, assigned to the Emperor's Hammer Tie Corps.

Emperor's Hammer[edit]

Mordred started as a TIE Corps pilot, where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was briefly a flight leader (TC Pin 7022), but most of the records o that age were lost... Well, not really, but he was too drunk to remember details. In the end he proved to be a better warrior than pilot, so after his 68th eject, he was assigned to Hammer's Fist, where he finally made a career for himself, while secretly acting as a Veteran Assassin for the BHG. After almost 2 years in the line, Mordred was chosen to be the replacement of Field Marshall Ares and Prefect of the Legion. The major events of his career are the loss of DREAD Retribution, which was never completely explained, and the assignment of VSD Burninator (later rechristened Reprisal, which some consider to be the bad luck that wiped out HF) and the Task Force Cruisers Dark Night, Revenge and Solar Flare, fully outfitted with Trooper deployment modules. Mordred also did some work on the Field Manual, but his successors decided to ignore that fact, along with his contribution to the HF's Newsletter, the Dark Legionnaire.

Hammer's Fist Career:
-Joined HF in July 23rd, 2001, as Private (PTE) on Vendetta 2
-Specialist (SPL) and Vendetta 2 Squad Leader on July 26th, 2001
-Sergeant (SGT) on September 3rd, 2001
-Staff Sergeant (SSG) on November 2nd, 2001
-Second Lieutenant]] (2LT) and Vehement Platoon Commander on November 6th, 2001
-Lieutenant (LT) on January 5th, 2002
-Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) and Commander Design (CDe) on January 21st, 2002
-Temp Commander Training (CT) position from June 6th to June 27th, 2002
-Temp Commander Personnel (CP) position from August 22nd to August 31st, 2002
-Executive Officer (XO) on September 1st, 2002
-Colonel (COL) on October 12nd, 2002
-High Colonel(HC) on march, 18th, 2003
-General(GN) and Prefect of the Legion(PRF) on April, 14th, 2003
-High General (HG) on August, 23rd, 2003
-Resignation and retirement on March, 2nd, 2004


After his resignation, Mordred was only briefly counted as Advisor to the HF, being removed from this position by a unknown Prefect (well, it's known but we shouldn't mention...) after a couple of months. Moved to Talus, spending most of his time hunting rebel as a civilian attached to The Fringe, having a good life in Sanctum Malleus.


This profile is related to the First Hammer's Fist Era, and it's not in effect to the current era

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