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The Hammer's Fist is the elite stormtroopers of the Emperor's Hammer ("EH"), an online non-profit Star Wars fan club from the Imperial perspective. The EH has many fictional stormtrooper units spread across its worlds and ships, but the Fist members are the best. It consists of highly trained Imperial Stormtroopers who perform special operations for the fleet, ranging from black ops to deep strikes. Feared throughout the galaxy, only the best recruits become a member of the Hammer's Fist ("HF"). Its recruits are the other army units' hardened veterans.

It is the oldest subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer, founded in May of 1995. The Fist's main game platforms are: Jedi Knight, Jedi Knight 2, Star Wars: Battlefront II and Star Wars: Battlefront III. They also support any first person shooter or real time strategy game with a Star Wars modification. Besides computer gaming, they offer non-game activities such as fiction writing, graphics creation, and other creative avenues.


The Hammer's Fist was officially re-launched by decree from the Fleet Commander on October 2, 2015


Special Operations Command[edit]


  • A:SOC-1: N/A
  • A:SOC-2: N/A
  • A:SOC-3: N/A
  • A:SOC-4: N/A
  • A:SOC-5: N/A

7th Sky Battalion[edit]

Battalion Commander: N/A

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1st Psychological Operations Company[edit]

Company Commander: N/A

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Aurek Detachment[edit]

Detachment Leader: N/A

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Besh Detachment[edit]

Detachment Leader: N/A

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Cresh Detachment[edit]

Detachment Leader: N/A

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Orion Detachment[edit]

Detachment Leader: N/A

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Leader: N/A

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Notable Members[edit]


Fictional Role[edit]


Official Supported Platforms[edit]

  • SW: Battlefront 2
  • SW: Battlefront 3
  • Jedi Knight
  • Jedi Knight 2



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