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This article is about the M/FRG. For the member named Phoenix Berkana, see Phoenix Berkana.


M/FRG Phoenix is home to the TIE Corps Reserves. Pilots who resign or retire from their position with the intent of rejoining in the future may join the Reserves and remain an active member of the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps. Personnel in the Reserves continue to receive news updates and announcements via the TIE Corps mailing list and are required to keep a valid e-mail address on their profile. They may choose to return to full active duty any time they wish. However, assignment to their previous position cannot be guaranteed.

Although still considered on active duty, Reserve officers have no duties besides keeping the TIE Corps Commander informed about a working e-mail address for future contact. Members of other Emperor's Hammer Groups may also join the Reserves if they wish to participate in online competitions on a Temporary Duty Assignment basis.

Reservists will hold the last rank they had before transferring and all of their data will be still stored and kept up-to-date in the TIE Corps database. Former Admiralty members that retire in a line position may reclaim their Admiralty ranks, as long as they have completed their minimum Tour of Duty of four months in the Admiralty Position.

Trainees may not join the Reserves. They must complete their training first and hold the rank of at least Sub-Lieutenant to be eligible for transfer.