TIE Corps Commander

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According to the TIE Corps Pilot Manual, "The TIE Corps Commander is in overall command of the TIE Corps, and answers to the Executive Officer of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. He bears the ultimate responsibility for the TIE Corps. Aside from keeping a close eye on the general state of the TIE Corps, the TIE Corps Commander is responsible for roster updates, and covering for the Strategic Operations Officer and the Combat Operations Officer if they are on leave. The TIE Corps website also falls under his jurisdiction. Although the Battle Center and all it entails (such as the Pilot Kill Board, Fleet Commander's Honor Guard, High Scores listings and new battles) are also in his duties, those duties are usually performed by the Emperor's Hammer Tactical Officer. The TIE Corps Commander is also considered part of the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff as a Group Commanding Officer."

Rank: Admiral upon appointment, may be promoted up to High Admiral.


  • Overseeing the general state of TIE Corps
  • Processing roster changes
  • Managing cadet training
  • Approving uniforms
  • Approving promotions (shared with the Strategic Operations Officer)
  • Approving competitions
  • Attending and hosting online meetings
  • Writing reports

Contact Requirements: Very high. The TCCOM is involved in much of the official business that takes place in the TIE Corps as either the final approver and/or the officer that carries out the requested action.

He or she is one of three members of the TIE Corps Command Staff, along with the Strategic Operations Officer and the Combat Operations Officer.

This position is the successor to Flight Officer.

The current TCCOM is Plif.

Past TIE Corps Commanders[edit]

# TCCOM Took office Left office Time in office Promotion(s)
1 Jarek La'an January 24, 2009 May 18, 2009 3 months, 24 days Fleet Admiral (01/24/2009)
2 Viper Pred May 18, 2009 November 15, 2010 1 year, 5 months, 28 days Vice Admiral (05/18/2009)
Admiral (08/20/2009)
Fleet Admiral (11/15/2010)
3 Jedi Eclipse November 15, 2010 February 21, 2013 2 years, 3 months, 6 days Admiral (11/15/2010)
Fleet Admiral (10/12/2011)
4 Daniel Bonini February 21, 2013 April 20, 2015 2 years, 2 months High Admiral (02/21/2013)
5 Elwood the Brave April 20, 2015 August 1, 2017 2 years, 3 months, 13 days Admiral (04/20/2015)
Fleet Admiral (07/29/2015)
High Admiral (07/13/2016)
6 Pellaeon August 1, 2017 July 4, 2018 11 months, 4 days Fleet Admiral (02/27/2016)
7 Pete Mitchell July 4, 2018 April 12, 2020 1 year, 9 months, 7 days High Admiral (04/11/2020)
8 Plif April 12, 2020 Current Ongoing High Admiral (04/12/2021)
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