Steel Cross

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A simple medal of a common material wouldn't normally seem very important. Those who have ever been awarded it or known someone who has will tell you quite a different story.

Reference: Dark Side Compendium

Awarded for[edit]

Extended service to one's House or Clan. Service includes aiding one's Consul or Proconsul in their functions, managing and events for the House or Clan, or being a role model for other members to follow.


It may be awarded more than once, and only the highest award is listed, and after the fourth award, the cycle repeats, so that the recipient may have (SC-SoI)/(SC).

Upgrade Image
w/ Star of Anger (SoA)
w/ Star of Power (SoP)
w/ Star of Immortality (SoI)

Award Authority[edit]

Any Dark Council member, Consul, Proconsul, or Battle Team Leader.

Preceded by
Star of Eos
General Award Precedence
Succeeded by
Grand Cross of the Dark Side