Victory Cross

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Victory Cross with Ebony Trim
Award Information


Award Classification:

Combat Award


Infiltrator Wing

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The Victory Cross is the highest of the commonly awarded Battle Medals, being awarded to first-place members in an Infiltrator Wing-wide competition or to the highest-placing IW members in a non-IW competition (i.e. an EH-wide competition, such as an EH Training Office Competition). The initial award is the Victory Cross with Red Trim. If an officer who has attained the Victory Cross with Ebony Trim is awarded another VC, the officer is awarded a VC with Red Trim, and upgrades that medal from then on.


VC-red uni.jpg Victory Cross with Red Trim
VC-blue uni.jpg Victory Cross with Blue Trim
VC-silver uni.jpg Victory Cross with Silver Trim
VC-gold uni.jpg Victory Cross with Gold Trim
VC-ebony uni.jpg Victory Cross with Ebony Trim

Award Authority[edit]

This medal may be awarded by the Ship Commodores and above.

Additional Notes[edit]

This Medal can't be awarded any more.

Preceded by
Cross of Bravery
Category:Combat Awards of the Infiltrator Wing Precedence
Succeeded by
Diamond Heart of Infiltration