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The Infiltrator Wing was a space simulation subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer. Is was commanded by the Infiltrator Wing Commander.


(EHNL#22 1st August 1995):
During a special ceramony outside the PLT Daedalus, Grand Admiral Ronin and his Command Staff, re-christened a captured MC80 Cruiser, the CRS "Renegade."
The Grand Admiral awarded newly promoted Rear Admiral Terran, command of the ship, and newly promoted Lieutenant-General Crandall, the position of Wing Commander of the ship's fighters, aka "The Infiltrator Wing".

The "The Infiltrator Wing" program was originally proposed by Vice Admiral Renegade, before his tragic death in early July 1995 (His death was stage-managed and not real). The Program was put on hold for a short time, but soon re-started by Grand Admiral Ronin.
The main objective of the Infiltrator Wing was to attack New Republic Vessels and Star Systems using a captured Mon Cal Cruiser, stolen Alliance Starfighters, and Rebel Defectors working along side Imperial Officers.

The Starfighter Squadrons was divided up into 4 Squadrons representing one of each Starfighter type. In each Squadron there were three flights of three pilots each.

From this moment on the Infiltrator Wing was born. It started as a Wing of the Emperor's Hammer.

(EHNL#23 17th August 1995):
The Infiltrator Wing was mentioned the fist time a subgroup with the following structure:

  • CRS Renegade
    • Wing V
      • Black Squadron (X-Wing)
      • Bronze Squadron (Y-Wing)
      • Grey Squadron (A-Wing)
      • Green Squadron (B-Wing)

September 1995 the IW was restructured again with a real subgroup Command Staff:

  • Command Officer: Admiral Renegade (resurrected from the death) - B-Wing
  • Wing Commander: LG Crandall - X-Wing
  • Training Officer (IWTO): BG Yoni
  • Training Assistant (IWTA): GN Dude
  • Motto: "Victory above all else"
    • CRS Despot
      • Eagle Squadron (X-Wing) Strike and Escort
      • Condor Squadron (Y-Wing) Assault
      • Raven Squadron (A-Wing) Recon and Strike
      • Vulture (B-Wing) Fast Assualt and Escort

The Infiltrator Wing lasts for about 10 years as a subgroup of the Emperor's Hammer. During this time there were a lot of restructures.
The Infiltrator Wing was suspended and disbanded 09/30/2005 by the former Fleet Commander Grand Admiral Astatine. This was the official end of the Infiltrator Wing as a subgroup of the EH.
03/15/2006 it was re-started a a part of the TIE Corps on board of the MC80B Redemption. The first Commodore was Exar Kit.

Ships of the Infiltrator Wing[edit]

  • MC-90 Renegade (originally an MC-80)
  • MC-80 Despot
  • MC-90 Fear
  • MC-90 Warspite
  • MC-90 Neo
  • MC-80a Saratoga
  • MC80B Redemption (as part of the TIE Corps)
  • FRG Insidious

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