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Note: The Dark Brotherhood currently does not use the position of Aedile. This article is included here for reference only.


An Aedile is a useful part of any House, serving as the assistant to the Quaestor. Those two positions, along with the Battleteam Leaders of the House, are directly responsible for the leadership and activity of all of the House's members. The appointment rank of an Aedile is Guardian, with the maximum rank attainable being the second level of the equite tier: Krath Archpriest, or Obelisk or Sith Battlemaster.

Specific Duties[edit]

The position of Aedile doesn't carry any inherent duties. Instead, they are responsible for assisting the Quaestor in all of his or her duties, as well as filling in for the Quaestor whenever the need arises.

Award Authority[edit]

The Aedile can promote up to the Rank of Dark Jedi Knight and award medals up to the Steel Cross.