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Note: The Dark Brotherhood currently does not use the position of Quaestor. This article is included here for reference only.


The Quaestor is the primary command position of the House, with the Aedile acting as an assistant. The Aedile also serves as acting commander when the Quaestor is on leave. Those two positions, along with the Battleteam Leaders of the House, are directly responsible for the leadership and activity of all of the House's members. The appointment rank of a Questor is Dark Jedi Knight and can be promoted up to the maximum rank of a Dark Jedi Primarch.

Specific Duties[edit]

  • maintaining a House website, with an up-to-date roster, news page and events, etc
  • running competitions within the House and with rival Houses
  • forwarding any communications from higher in the chain of command to Battleteam Leaders
  • reporting to Clan Summit and Order Leaders on a regular basis
  • making promotion and/or award recommendations where appropriate
  • set an example, both in conduct and activity (ie. following the Articles of War, participating in competitions, on message boards, etc.)
  • develop and maintain a House "identity" including an updated House history, list of possessions, etc.
  • promote competitions and other events within the Dark Brotherhood

Award Authority[edit]

The Quaestor can award all general decorations up to the Sapphire Blade. He also has the authority to promote a house member up to the rank of Sith Battlemaster/Obelisk Battlemaster/Krath Archpriest.