Alexandre Morgan

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Alexandre "ossus" Morgan is currently assigned to Rho Squadron, stationed on the ISDII Warrior. He currently serves as the Emperor's Hammer Reconnaissance Officer aboard the D-CRV Doomsday, and has previously served as Rho Squadron Commander during 31 ABY.


Early Life[edit]

Morgan was born on Naboo during 1 ABY to Alachor and Apari Morgan, their only child and sole inheritor of the wealth and legacy of the House of Morgan. His privileges were many, and he enjoyed the benefits of his family's fortune.

As a child he studied privately, his family hiring private tutors. These instructors taught him many subjects, from literature and biology to politics and swordsmanship. He mastered every topic presented to him quickly, especially piloting. Morgan developed a particularly close relationship with one particular tutor named Balain, who eventually became his sole instructor per Morgan's request. Balain took special enjoyment in Morgan's interest in piloting, and eventually him gifted an Imperial simulation pod and a TIE pilot helmet, with which he honed his talent.

The House of Morgan[edit]

The House of Morgan is an ancient family dating back to the beginning of complex human civilization on Naboo, with its wealth originating from asserting control over hyperspace routes, newly forged by explorers hired by the House. By pressing tolls on ships entering exiting the forged hyperspace lanes, the House's ancestors amassed a huge fortune, which was passed down from generation to generation, still growing as the family maintained their influence in the exploring economic ecosystem.

The members of the family traditionally have names starting with the letter 'aurek,' often making their initials an 'aurek' and a 'mern.' Members of the family have held assorted levels of power in politics for many generations, with many members being involved in local, planetary, sector, and even galactic government. The rise of the Empire proved another opportunity to gain wealth and prestige by cooperating with the new regime. The House contracted out many of its explorers to forge new hyperlanes for the exclusive use of the Empire, and was well compensated for its efforts.

When the Empire began to collapse with the death of the Emperor, the House harbored Imperial Intelligence officers in their estate, turning their mansion into a secret Imperial base of operations, defying the Naboo government's acceptance of the New Republic. The Intelligence agents staged operations out of the estate, with Alachor's collaboration and the family's funding. At the time, Morgan, due to his age, didn't fully grasp the consequences and implications of harboring active Imperial agents on a New Republic controlled planet, but just regarded the officers as another entity in the mansion. As the officers mostly stayed hidden in their area of the house, it wasn't hard to selectively forget them.


When he was 21, Morgan met and fell in love with Alexis Cusgate, a beautiful girl of his same age from another prominent Naboo family. They became engaged shortly after, and their daughter, Ava Morgan, was born the following year, 23 ABY. The bliss, however, did not last long. During 24 ABY, while Morgan was offworld, his parents and family were killed in a New Republic attack on the Morgan's estate. The Republic had uncovered the Imperial agents and were targeting them, but the attack not only killed the hiding officers but also the Morgans. This galvanized Morgan's anti-Rebel sentiments. He scoured the remains of his house, looking for anything that could provide him with a direction, or a new purpose. He eventually found a a message from one of the officers alongside a holo-map pointing him in the direction of the Emperor's Hammer. The message was recorded right before the attack, the officer desperate to complete his personal goal of getting Morgan into an active group to help the fight against the New Republic. The map proved outdated, however, and Morgan spent years searching after the intentionally elusive battlegroup. When he finally traced and encountered the group in 29 ABY, he declared his intent to join and fly for the Empire.

TIE Corps[edit]

29 ABY[edit]

Initially stationed aboard the SSD Avenger as a cadet, Morgan quickly finished re-training and became Rho Eight aboard the ISDII Warrior. He quickly proved himself, scoring kill after kill in engagement after engagement, earning himself countless medals, including the Commendation of Bravery. During a rearrangement of Rho, Morgan briefly became Rho 2.

30 ABY[edit]

Shortly before the Imperial Storm wargames, Morgan was promoted to a Flight Leader position as Rho 5, commanding the very flight he began in, having proven his ability to fly and lead by example. Shortly before the Warrior's triumphant victory in the wargames, he was promoted to Rho's Executive Officer position.

While contributing to Rho Squadron's massive victory in the inter-fleet Chalquila Cup, flying beside other members of the squadron and sweeping the competition with a 13-1 victory, and while the Imperial Storm storm wargames waged on, Morgan found CAM-9 while inspecting a derelict freighter on a routine recon mission. Cam, as he began to call them, was a highly sophisticated droid, with complex personality, immense skill sets, and the unique ability to adapt their appearance using holographic emitters that create tangible and identical mimics of real or fictional people. Nobody knows what Cam as a droid looks like, because they are always wearing someone's appearance. They often use this skill to pull humorous pranks: several crewmates or pilots aboard the ISDII Warrior have been ambushed by surprise inspections from General Frown just to learn after the fact that Frown was in fact off on vacation and that they had been pranked by Cam.

After Imperial Storm, Morgan took a ten-day leave to go with his new friend CAM-9 and reassure himself of the facts of his family's death, quashing uncertainty prompted by a remark from an Intel officer. He discovered that the Imperial officers had in fact intentionally exploded the house to destroy evidence and themselves, preventing the approaching Rebels from capturing anything. By doing this, they also killed the Morgans. This, obviously, caused immense turmoil in Morgan. He had based his life off of vengeance against a partial lie, and was confused about what was the proper course of action.

Morgan did decide to return to the EH at the end of his leave, reasoning that the EH was not the Empire, and the entirety of the Empire cannot be held responsible for the actions of a few officers. He let his hate mellow, even naming the new ship he acquired upon returning to the TIE Corps (as Rho Squadron had switched from TIE Interceptors to Avengers due to its success in Squadron ReMobilization) 'Skira Naasad,' a phrase taught to him by Balain. In Mandalorian, it meant 'Vengeance Sated.' These events were covered in full in Morgan's first autobiographical narrative, The Chronicles Of Morgan (see below).

During the events of Raise the Flag of 30 ABY, Morgan and Cam had another misadventure, culminating in being chased through subterranean city tunnels by a massive screaming insect beast (found in the contents of Morgan's second narrative, The Chronicles of Morgan: The Return of the Ishtari). With the enemy race of the Ishtari posing a threat, the two were separated more often, as Morgan's duties had him in a cockpit more often than not, and Cam's behind a desk helping out the war effort on the logistical and administrative side. Their friendship was not neglected, however, as the two routinely took whatever time they could have together and made the most of the brief escape from the war, of the opportunities to relax and goof off, pranking pilots left and right.

Right before the end of 30 ABY, Morgan joined the Emperor's Hammer Recon Office as an Assistant, eager to find new ways to support the TIE Corps and the Emperor's Hammer while outside the cockpit.

31 ABY[edit]

At the beginning of 31 ABY, CAM-9 and Morgan get word that one of the Rebel attackers of the Morgan Estate had been captured by the Emperor's Hammer and was being incarcerated at a prison site on the planet Ghenna. After a visit with the pilot, they discovered that Balain, Morgan's childhood tutor and, in Morgan's view, something of a father-figure, was still alive, in hiding on the planet Bakura.

Morgan and Cam then went to Bakura and found Balain, spending days with him catching up on the seven years of missed time. Morgan brings up his new offer to become the Rho Squadron commander, which Balain urges him to take. Eventually, Morgan and Cam leave Bakura, but Morgan promises to come back as often as possible.

Shortly after, in the second month of 31 ABY, Morgan became Rho Squadron's commander, continuing the large legacy left to him. Continuing his assumption of increased duties, he became the Command Attaché to the Recon Officer, further supporting the TIE Corps' expansion efforts and recruitment. This sudden burst of position gaining caused his efforts to double down, focusing on both supporting the pilots under his command and creating the best squadron and the outreach of the Emperor's Hammer and the TIE Corps to local systems, recruiting and bolstering the healthiness of the entirety of the Corps.

A month after Rho Squadron's wildly successful Squadron ReMobilization V performance, and on the same day as the official acceptance of the TIE/rh Rhodium craft as Rho Squadron's ships, Morgan stepped down as Rho commander. He felt as if he was unable to spend enough time with Balain, and felt as if it was time to pass the mantle on. He was very proud of his time spent and the effect he had on his home squadron, and was excited to step back and yet still be a member of Rho.

32 ABY[edit]

As the new standard year dawned, Morgan was enjoying his break from leadership responsibilties and duties, spending time with Balain and decompressing from the months of high-pressure positions. He continued to serve as the Command Attaché to the Reconnaissance Officer, supporting that office's duties and projects with all his spare time.

However, Morgan's superior in the Recon Office, TheBlackxRanger, let Morgan know that he would shortly be stepping down from his duties as the Reconnaissance Officer, and that he would nominate Morgan as his successor if Morgan accepted. Believing himself ready to reenter and reinvest high energy into the Recon Office, Morgan accepted and was shortly promoted to the position of Reconnaissance Officer. He quickly named his Rho Squadmates Maston Dane and Davy Jonez as Recon Office Assistants in recognition for their recruitment prowess and history.

Spending high amounts of effort there in the Recon Office, and large amounts of time aboard his new flagship, the D/CRV Doomsday, Morgan focused on his new assignments and supporting his staff. He added his new friend and fellow Warrior pilot Jai Thorne as a ROA in an effort to continue to represent novel ideas and energies in the Office.

As the sixth annual inter-Corps Squadron (Re)Mobilization competition rolled around, Morgan received word that Rho Squadron's SQXO, the famous [Westric Davalorn], needed to take a step back. Asked to fill the role, he gladly accepted. He also headed up Rho Squadron's efforts in the competition, guiding his fellow pilots in a leadership role once more and helping out what he loved to call the "Rho Family."

Created Works[edit]

Morgan, in an attempt to catalogue his emotions and relationship with his past, began to write down his stories, his adventures and misadventures and thoughts and worries, as well as composed Rho Squadron's official anthem. Below is a list of his long-form works, and the titles he assigned.

The Morgan Chronicles
The Morgan Chronicles: Return of the Ishtari
The Morgan Chronicles: Haar Veman Buir

In addition, he has several other shorter-form fictions he written, which follow below. Some are autobiographical, and some are not.

Respite Interrupted
Holo for the Holidays
The Trenches of the Sky
Recovery of Morale
Zaryan's Bounty (with Isabis Kamaria)
Twelve Years Lost
Carrivar Nights

And finally, the music he composed, the Rho Anthem. This work was in partnership with Westric Davalorn, also of Rho Squadron.