Westric Davalorn

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Westric Davalorn is currently assigned to Rho Squadron, stationed on the ISDII Warrior. He is currently the Squadron Commander.


The Davalorns[edit]

The Davalorns have a proud history of serving the Empire. Westric’s father, Arnos Davalorn, attended Carida Academy and was a Wing Commander on the ISD Devastator by the Battle of Endor, where he was killed. Westric’s older brother, Vesan, served as a Squadron Leader on the ISD Judicator during Thrawn’s campaign until he was killed at the Battle for the Katana Fleet.

Significant Life Events[edit]

  • 4 ABY: Father, Arnos, killed at the Battle of Endor
  • 9 ABY: Older brother, Vesan, killed at the Battle for the Katana Fleet
  • 10 ABY: Admitted to the Imperial Naval Academy on Prefsbelt IV
  • 12 ABY: Graduates from academy; assigned to the SSD Reaper
  • 12 ABY: Orinda Campaign
  • 13 ABY: Adumar Campaign
  • 13 ABY: Borderland Regions Campaign
  • 17 ABY: Imperial Skirmishes Campaign
  • 18 ABY: After the Imperial defeat at the Battle of Anx Minor and the rumors of peace negotiations with the New Republic, Davalorn and a number of other defectors jump ship to seek out Imperial forces willing to continue the war.

Artistic Contributions[edit]


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