Avenger (ship)

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This article is about the former Emperor's Hammer flagship. For other uses, see Avenger (disambiguation).

The Executor-Class Star Dreadnaught Avenger has, in the past, served as flagship to both the Emperor's Hammer and, after that, to the Dark Brotherhood subgroup.

It is currently the leadship of the Avenger Task Force.


The Avenger was originally commissioned to replace its namesake, the ISD Avenger. It took over from the older Avenger as the Hammer's flagship, and, at the time, held Wings I and II. It served in the role as flagship until it itself was replaced by the SSSD Sovereign.

The Avenger was given to the Grand Master to serve as both his personal flagship and that of the Dark Brotherhood. By that time, the TIE Corps had grown enough to allow those pilots that were Dark Jedi to serve as pilots on the Avenger. This requirement was eventually reduced to the point that it was virtually abolished, but non-Dark Jedi pilots have always been in the minority onboard the Avenger.

Attached battlegroup - Battlegroup XI[edit]

SSD Avenger[edit]

TIE Corps Wing XVIII[edit]

TIE Corps Wing XIX[edit]

Support Ships[edit]

  • Anarchy Squadron - Transport
  • Vengeance Squadron - Transport
  • Hate Squadron - Personnel Transport
  • Fear Squadron - Personnel Transport
  • Mentor Squadron - Utility
  • Nestor Squadron - Utility

FRG Swift Fury[edit]

  • 2 squadrons

VSDII Indomitable[edit]

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M/INT Enslaver[edit]

  • 1 squadron

STRKC Invigorator[edit]

  • 1 squadron

STRKC Darkblood[edit]

  • 1 squadron

STRKC Repulsor[edit]

  • 1 squadron

GSP Scylla[edit]

  • 3 ships

A/FRG Potestas[edit]

FRG Keeper of Faith[edit]

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FRG Hammerhead[edit]

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A/FRG Bloodthirst[edit]

FRG Angelus Morte[edit]

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FRG Star Of Hades[edit]

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A/FRG Scholar of the Storm[edit]

FRG Tormentor[edit]

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