Legion of Combat

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Legion of Combat
Award Information


Award Classification:

Service Medal

Top Recipients:
  • MAJ Landon Cruise x1976
  • AD Elwood the Brave x1586
  • COL Brucmack x1437
  • LC Plif x1360
  • CM Hellionexus x1263
  • HA Anahorn Dempsey x1084
  • LCM Doc x909
  • GN Dunta Polo x783
  • MAJ Tek Selkirk x590
  • LCM Chrome x568

TIE Corps

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The Legion of Combat is a service medal in the TIE Corps. As with the Distinguished Flying Cross, it is strictly awarded for multiplayer activity, specifically for victories in matches.


The Training Manual states that, "The Legion of Combat is awarded for participation and victory in official competition melees in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter (XvT), X-Wing Alliance (XWA) and Imperial Alliance (IA) by the Combat Operations Officer, his assistants or the TIE Corps Admiralty."

Reference: EH Training manual

Award Authority[edit]

Each match is reviewed by the COO, who then awards the LoC to the victorious party.


  • Basic - 1 victory
  • Copper Scimitar (CS) - 5 victories
  • Iridium Scimitar (IS) - 50 victories
  • Thallium Scimitar (TS) - 100 victories
  • Rubidium Scimitar (RS) - 200 victories
  • Platinum Scimitar (PS) - 500 victories

Equivalent Awards[edit]

In the Dark Brotherhood, members are awarded the Cluster of Fire as an equivalent.

In the Hammer's Fist, members were awarded the Star of Valor as an equivalent.


Copper Scimitar
Iridium Scimitar
Thallium Scimitar
Rubidium Scimitar
Platinum Scimitar

Additional Notes[edit]

While the Training Manual only lists the 3 main platform as candidates for earning this medal, it has since expanded and now includes Star Conflict as well.