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Lord Farrin Xies is the current Grand Moff of the Emperor's Hammer Directorate, the Duke of Aurora, the Headmaster of the Dark Brotherhood's Shadow Academy, and an Admiral in the TIE Corps. He is also one of the most powerful active Dark Jedi in the Dark Brotherhood and amongst the Krath Order, having achieved the rank of Krath Pontifex. He is 31 years of age and is married to Gia Cornelli Xies; the two have no children.


Farrin Xies was born on July 1st, 14 BBY in the Naboo capitol of Theed. His father, Grant Xies, was a very important doctor with a huge practice, serving as the chief medical officer to many of the Nabooan royals at one time or another. This prominence, and the wealth that came from it, allowed for a very comfortable life for Marialma, Grant's wife and Farrin's mother, and for Farrin's sister Wendy. Farrin attended the prestigious Quila School For Boys until his graduation at the age of seventeen. Because of his outstanding academic achievement, a recruitment agent for Imperial Intelligence came to the young Farrin shortly before his eighteenth birthday and, at the celebration a few weeks later, he announced to his family and small gathering of friends his decision to become an Intel agent. His stunned parents then countered with their own announcement: the next week, the Xies family would be packing up their belongings and joining the Rebel Alliance. Farrin's father had received an officer's commision to serve aboard a medical ship with the main Alliance fleet.

Within an hour, Farrin gave a last hug to his mother and sister, ignored his father's cold stare, and boarded an Imperial shuttle. As it turned out, that would be the last time he would see his parents alive.

Emperor's Hammer Career[edit]

After his very short career in Imperial Intelligence was cut short after being burned by some of his fellow agents, Farrin suffered through a great deal of torture at the hands of his Rebel captors. It was in the midst of this struggle that he discovered the power of the Dark Side of the Force residing him.

Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Though he had discovered the power of the Dark Side, Farrin had yet to learn how to harness that power.

The Directorate[edit]

Uniform and Lightsaber[edit]

Farrin Xies' Current Dress Uniform
Farrin Xies' Dual Lightsabers

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Battleteam Leader of Battleteam Alatus
March 2006-May 2006
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Quaestor of House Gladius
May 2006-June 2006
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Grand Moff of the Directorate
September 2007-2010
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November 2007-2010
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