Gold Star of the Empire

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Gold Star of the Empire
Award Information


Award Classification:

Merit Award

Top Recipients:
  • HA Anahorn Dempsey x9
  • HA Frodo March x7
  • COL Mordechi Wolfe x7
  • FA Khadgar x6
  • HA Zsinj x6
  • HA Ari x5
  • GN Gilad Pelleaon x5
  • GN Jarek La'an x5
  • COL Master x5
  • LC Nile Rosenau x5

Emperor's Hammer

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The Gold Star is a Merit Award in the Emperor's Hammer. While available to all subgroups, in practice it is rare to be awarded to groups other than the TIE Corps as the other groups tend to have their own chain of awards.


The Training Manual states that, "The Gold Star of the Empire may be awarded for extraordinary service and exceptional loyalty. Excelling command officers will most often be the recipients of this medal, but not necessarily. Greater than the Silver Star, it cannot be awarded for general activity."

Reference: EH Training manual

Award Authority[edit]

This award can be granted by any member of the Command Staff or Group Command staffs.



Preceded by
Silver Star of the Empire
Merit Award Precedence
Succeeded by
Grand Order of the Emperor