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Command Staff Summary[edit]

The Emperor's Hammer Command Staff are the primary people in charge of various activities in the EH. Each position an office is vital to the success and day to day function of the fleet. Originally the Command Staff was divided into two, the Command Staff and Support Staff. Now the Command Staff operates as one unit, with all support offices operating under their primary office.

Fleet Commander[edit]

The Fleet Commander is the Club Manager and overall leader of The Emperor’s Hammer. The Fleet Commander is the one and only official liaison to the EH body and its Board of Trustees. He's also who appoints Command Staff Officers and Group Commanders (GCOs). In addition, the Fleet Commander's decision on ANY matter in The Emperor’s Hammer is final.

Executive Officer[edit]

Second in command, the Executive Officer contributes to development and management of The Emperor's Hammer and is in line for command should anything unexpected happen to the Fleet Commander. The Executive Officer also has supervisory capacities over ALL EH Groups on any matter. The Executive Officer edits "The Dark Sentinel" (EH official newsletter).

Judge Advocate General[edit]

The Judge Advocate General performs the roll of Judge on any Emperor's Hammer Court. After managing all official procedures in accordance to the Emperor's Hammer Articles of War the Judge Advocate General finally reads the verdict and passes sentence on the accused and, if an expulsion from the club is warranted, passes that recommendation to the FC and XO for their consideration.

Although Judge Advocate General is Support Staff for the Executive Officer, it's considered a Command Staff position.

Security Officer[edit]

The Security Officer is responsible for the online conduct of Emperor's Hammer members. Being the internal "chief of police" for the entire Emperor's Hammer, the Security Officer has authority to monitor ALL forms of communication for EH Bylaws and IRC Code of Conduct violations. When an alleged violation has been noted, the Security Officer is to be notified and may review and present the case to the Judge Advocate General for prosecution.

The Security Officer is main contact for anything related to possible violations of EH Bylaws and EH IRC CoC for all members of The Emperor's Hammer, no matter the Group.

Internet Officer[edit]

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Communications Officer[edit]

The Communications Officer is primarily responsible for maintaining all Emperor's Hammer Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels, enforcing EH IRC Code of Conduct, and responding to members complaints and concerns. Additionally, ANY member having trouble trying to reach his immediate commanding officer may contact the COMM for assistance. The Communications Officer is also responsible for attending Emperor's Hammer IRC meetings and keeping logs of them.

Although Communications Officer is Support Staff for the Internet Officer, it's considered a Command Staff position.

Logistics Officer[edit]

The Logistics Officer acts as chief archivist for The Emperor's Hammer and is responsible for maintaining duplicate copies of ALL EH official documents. The Logistics Officer also oversees the "Imperial Census", which gathers information about the membership and other factors of the Fleet. Additionally, the Logistics Officer is the main responsible for maintaining and updating "Encyclopaedia Imperia", the Emperor's Hammer WIKI.

Training Officer[edit]

The Training Officer oversees all aspects of training within The Emperor’s Hammer. This spans from initial helping of recruits for them to meet their entry requirements to the running of Imperial University and other academies, for the Training Officer oversees other Group specific academies and their training staff. In addition, the Training Officer maintains the Emperor's Hammer Training Manual.

Tactical Officer[edit]

The Tactical Officer assists all members of The Emperor's Hammer, no matter the Group, on creating/installing new custom missions and battles for Emperor's Hammer sanctioned game platforms, also evaluating and fixing them as necessary before they get released. The Tactical Officer is responsible for maintaining the Emperor's Hammer Mission Compendium and also maintains the Fleet Commander's Honor Guard system (FCHG) and the Battle Board for the TIE Corps Group, documenting high scores achieved on completion of official Emperor's Hammer custom battles for flight-based game platforms.

Science Officer[edit]

The Science Officer is responsible for maintaining the Emperor's Hammer Patch Archive and Fleet Manual, providing evaluation, correction and final approval for all new patches. The Science Officer must approve all Emperor's Hammer fighter, transport and capital ship designs. He also maintains the Order of Battle and is responsible for being current and knowledgeable on upcoming gaming technologies for the Star Wars genre.

Although Science Officer is Support Staff for the Tactical Officer, it's considered a Command Staff position.

Reconnaissance Officer[edit]

The Recon Officer is tasked with recruiting new members as well as keeping the public at large informed about the activities of the Emperor's Hammer. The Recon Officer helps to maintain the social media presence of the EH and also provides assistance with media projects for the subgroups such as the creation of video content or setup for live streaming for supported games.

Attache Staff[edit]

Command Staff are also allowed to select Command Attachés, a full time assistant to that command officer.

Imperial Advisors[edit]

According to the EH Training Manual, "These positions were created to fill specific jobs that cover several sections of the Emperor's Hammer, or which do not fall under the specific jurisdiction of any one Command Officer."

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