Grand Order of the Emperor

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Grand Order of the Emperor
Award Information


Award Classification:

Merit Award

Top Recipients:
  • HA Anahorn Dempsey x2
  • HA Daniel Bonini x2
  • VA Keth D'jek x2
  • COL Ramos Kanzco x2
  • GA Ronin x2
  • 27 others x1

Emperor's Hammer

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The Grand Order of the Emperor is the fourth-highest Merit Award in the Emperor's Hammer.


The Training Manual states that, "Any member of the Emperor’s Hammer may be awarded this medal for Service Above and Beyond the Call of Duty and Valor Extraordinary. Award of this medal constitutes entrance into a fraternal order as well. Recipients of this order are highly respected in all manners of Imperial functions."

Reference: EH Training Manual

Award Authority[edit]

This award can be granted by the Fleet Commander, the Executive Officer, and Group Commanders'.

Additional Notes[edit]

The list of recipients is not exhaustive as the TC Medal Board only contains a portion of all winners. Research continues.

Preceded by
Gold Star of the Empire
Merit Award Precedence
Succeeded by
Order of the Renegade