Imperial Storm

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Imperial Storm banner by FA Turtle


Imperial Storm was a turn based game run during 2018 using a set of rules drafted by GN Jarek La’an and run by GN Phoenix Berkana. The original game consisted of three teams (TCCS, Hammer, and Warrior) using fleets built using the XWA points system to battle it out over a grid based map. Battles were conducted using different gaming platforms based upon which units were present in any given battle (SP for battles including capital ships, MP for battles made up of starfighters only).

The Winners[edit]

Imperial Storm I - 2018
ISDII Warrior

Imperial Storm Deux - 2020
ISDII Warrior

Imperial Storm III - 2021
ISDII Challenge

Imperial Storm IV - 2022
ISDII Warrior under the command of VA Marenta.

Imperial Storm V[edit]

Imperial Storm V is due to commence on March 1st and run for 30 days.

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The Guide for Imperial Storm V[edit]

What is Imperial Storm you say?
Imperial Storm is a turn based war game that the TIE Corps runs every year. Previous incarnations have seen the three Battlegroups spar over a sector of space seeking to claim dominance. Whilst the teams move their fleets around the map, combat which occurs when the opposing forces meet is decided by the accumulation of Legions and performance in a selected Single Player mission over a 48 hour period.

Great, how is it different this year?
This year we are trying something slightly different. Instead of having the three TIE Corps Battlegroups oppose one another, they will be flying together although each as a separate unit under the TC banner against the forces of the Ishtari who will be led by FA Jarek La'an.

That sounds great but how does it work?
Imperial Storm V see's the TIE Corps moving against the Ishtari, the enemy we faced in Raise the Flag 22. They are an oppressive species and our aim is to liberate a number of worlds that sit around the fringes of the map during the initial 20 days of the campaign (you'll see this called Phase 1). The final 10 days will see us push into the core of their star cluster for the final attack (colloquially called Phase 2).
Each Team Captain (the BGCOM or a nominated individual) will be responsible for deploying a fleet based on the current Order of Battle. This fleet will move around a hex based map seeking to liberate the worlds that the Ishtari have subjugated.
The final medals will be awarded based on how many worlds we manage to liberate during the game, alongside how much of the Ishtari fleet we destroy. If we somehow lose and the Ishtari led by La'an win....

Ok, cool but how do I get involved?
Good question! The pilots of each Battlegroup are involved in several ways.
Firstly the team captains are encouraged to include their teams in planning and strategy via their discord channels.
Secondly we will be releasing fiction and news items to keep the storyline of the war game rolling along via a dedicated discord channel.
Finally, and most importantly, when a battle occurs, you the pilots have the say in how your team will do!

Battles! So I get to fight?
Yes pilot, that you do!

When two fleets land on the same map space, be it a world one team wants to liberate or a random deep space location a battle will occur - note in deep space a team in hyperspace will only be engaged if the other team has a active interdictor, those sneaky devils.

A battle will last for two turns and unlike previous versions we do not stop the game so battles will run concurrently with other turns being processed. Combat will will begin the turn after the battle is declared, reason being that with time zones and jobs it will take around 24 hours to inform everyone and for captains to organise their forces.

Awesome! So how do we fight?
Each team will fight over a number of different platforms, all of which act as a percentage of your fleets overall attack rating. Each ship has a attack rating (how much damage it can do) and a durability rating (how much damage it can take).
First thing - the moment we declare combat each team does a initial 20% of its attack rating in damage to the enemy. If this is greater than the enemies total durability rating then we have a winner and combat is automatically resolved. Let’s face it we all like a underdog but a Scout Vessel VS Star Destroyer is likely a heroic pasting.
Assuming both fleets are still in the battle we then do the following over the next 48 hours.

Single Player
Similar to previous iterations, the gamesmaster will specify a FREE mission to be flown from the Battle Center (TIE, XvT or XWA).
The average score of the top 4 pilots of each team taken as a percentage of the original high score and used as a multiplier of their fleets attack rating.
The Ishtari (being a NPC force) will have their 4 scores defined as the difference between the TC scores and the high score. For example if the TC forces scored 50%, 60%, 70% and 80% of the pre-existing High Score, the Ishtari would score 50%, 40%, 30% and 20%.

Legions of Combat
A percentage of all the Legions of Combat your team earns during the TWO day turn will be counted and used as a multiplier of their fleets attack rating.
The Ishtari LoC count will be defined as 200 - the TC count (this will be 250 if 2 BG's are involved and 300 if all 3 are involved).

Legions of Skirmish
A percentage of all the Legions of Skirmish your team earns during the TWO day turn will be counted and used as a multiplier of their fleets attack rating.

The Ishtari LoS count will be defined as 1000 - the TC count (this will be 1250 if 2 BG's are involved and 1500 if all 3 are involved).

We will have a fiction bonus that will occur during the first 14 days of the campaign. The resulting scores will act as a modifier to each Battlegroups score during the final attack on the Ishtari.

So who wins a battle?
Well for individual battles the team that wins is the team with the largest fleet (by durability).

Okay, so who wins the overall game?
If by the end of the game the TC have managed to free all the subjagedt worlds & destroy the Ishtari fleet then it will be a resounding TC win. Assuming there are some remnants then victory is defined by the following:
3 worlds liberated at end of Phase 1
6 worlds liberated at end of Phase 1
9 worlds liberated at end of Phase 1
12 worlds liberated at end of Phase 1
Destruction of 50% of Ishtari forces by end of game
Destruction of 75% of Ishtari forces by end of game
Destruction of Ishtari homeworld by end of game