TIE Corps Command Staff

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The TIE Corps Command Staff (TCCS), also known as the 'Admiralty Board', are the leaders of the TIE Corps.


  • It consists of a large fleet, thousands of pilots, and is commanded by the TIE Corps Commander (TCCOM), assisted by his executive officer, the Strategic Operations Officer (SOO) and the Combat Operations Officer (COO).

The current Leaders of the TCCS are as follows:


The TIE Corps Commander is in overall command of the TIE Corps, and answers to the Executive Officer and Fleet Commander of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. He bears the ultimate responsibility for the TIE Corps. Aside from keeping a close eye on the general state of the TIE Corps, the TIE Corps Commander is responsible for roster updates, and covering for the Strategic Operations Office and Combat Operations Officer if they are on leave. The TIE Corps website also falls under his jurisdiction. Although the Battle Center and all it entails (such as the Pilot Kill Board, Fleet Commander's Honour Guard, High Scores listings and new battles) are also in his duties, those duties are usually performed by the Emperor's Hammer Tactical Officer. The TIE Corps Commander is also an Emperor's Hammer Group Commanding Officer.

Moreover, the TIE Corps Commander should be the main contact for anything related to the TIE Corps for all non members.

The Strategic Operations Officer is primarily responsible for awarding the medals, approving uniforms and reviewing the ship/wing monthly evaluations from Commodores and Wing Commanders. The Strategic Operations Officer is also considered second in command of the TIE Corps and thus may be called the TIE Corps Executive Officer (TC-XO).

In absence of the TIE Corps Commander, the Strategic Operations Officer is also the officer to contact for anything related to the TIE Corps for all non members.

The Combat Operations Officer is in charge of all multiplayer activities throughout the TIE Corps and is responsible for organising multiplayer events both within the TIE Corps and with other outside organisations and clubs.

The Combat Operations Officer's primary duties are coordination of multiplayer pilots, expanding multiplayer activities and approving multiplayer-oriented awards.

History and ambiguity with main EH[edit]

In the past, particularly when the games used by the TIE Corps were newer and the TIE Corps was bigger, the TIE Corps lacked a command staff of its own.

Instead, it was headed by the Flight Officer, a member of the main Command Staff who was supposedly in charge of the rosters for the whole Emperor's Hammer. However, due to groups, then known as subgroups, tending to have positions of their own for this role, such as Master At Arms, the Flight Officer found themselves with responsibility for only the rosters of the TIE Corps. This eventually translated into the Flight Officer taking de facto command of the TIE Corps. Kawolski was the first FO to use the TCCOM title, a practice which continued until the Flight Officer position was abolished.

Other roles, such as Tactical Officer, again supposedly for the whole fleet found that most of their work in the subgroups was being handled by others. All in all, the Flight Officer, Tactical Officer and Operations Officer were almost solely TIE Corps centred. The Tactical Officer, however, maintained nominal control of the entire battle centre, and missions released by subgroups, though rare, were still processed through the Tactical Office Testing System.