Kyle Fardreamer

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Current Assigment[edit]

Kyle Fardreamer is currently stationed on board SSSD Sovereign


Kyle Farderamer was born on tatooine in a small city called Mos Ergada. Tough enviroment of this desert planet has froged a tough man with a sensitive heart. Due to his duties on waterfarm he has very short childhood. It was always work and work more work for him. Young Kyle want more that a boring life on dusty planet, so he spend all his free evenings in catina listening to mercenaries, Bounty Hunters and deep space pliots as they tell stories about many offworld wonders. Kyle' s childhood definetly ended when he saw his father death by hands of rouge Jedi.

TIE Corps Career[edit]

Sigma Squadron[edit]

After completing his training on Daedalus platform, Kyle Fardreamer joined Sigma Squadron. He want to serve with his new and only friend a man who recruited him LCM Viper Pred. He help Kyle with his promotion to Lieutenant. With time both pilots became very good friends sharing common goal total rebel defeat .

Sin Squadron[edit]

Kyle Fardreamer request transfer to this squadron to help his friend Viper Pred in his difficult task. Reactivation of SIN squadron run smoothly, but after AWOL check the Sin Squadron left with only a hand full of pilots. Kyle’s career in this squadron flourish. High activity, flying tips from Viper Pred helped Kyle in promotion to flight leader and Lieutenant Commander.

Hades Squadron[edit]

Kyle Fardreamer’s third assignment squadron. For a short time he became Squadron Commander. He want to move on his career. Taking this post lead to a promotion to Commander. This was a trying times in the TIE Corps, lots of changes. Due this fact the squadron was disbanded all personnel was transferred to reserves. Kyle Fardreamer rejoined Sin to became it’s Commander.


Hearing rumors about his lost family Kyle Fardreamer resign his commander post and transfer to the reserves. After transfer Kyle search for his mercenary friend and when he found Kath'Razzit, they started pursuing any rumor concerning Kyle’s family.

Sin Squadron Round 2[edit]

After nine months search Kyle’s quest ended up with nothing. The outcome of his search convince Kyle that he should go back to the active duty. Kyle Fardreamer decide to join his old squadron. He quickly found out that his friend Viper Pred is a Sovereign Commodore. After one week of active duty Kyle accepts command position and He stay here even since motivating veteran pilots. His hard work pays of when he is promoted to the rank of Captain.

Combat Record[edit]

Status: Active
FCHG Rank: Aquilifer (548 points)
Combat Rating: None (0 points)
Missions Flown: 543


  • [{IWATS}] Core (100%)
  • [AIM] AIM (91%)
  • [CBX] Computer Basics (93%)
  • [HIST] History (91%)
  • [IBX] Internet Basics (100%)
  • [ICQ] ICQ (100%)
  • [LIN] Linux (87%)
  • [M/1] mIRC 1 (100%)
  • [M/2] mIRC 2 (100%)
  • [MCBS] Mission Creation and Beta Testing Standards (82%)
  • [SM/3] Squadron Management 3 (91%)
  • [TLN] Trillian (100%)
  • [TM/1] TIE Mission Creation 1 (98%)
  • [TT] TIE Fighter Tactics (85%)
  • [WIKI] Wiki Editing (90%)
  • [WM] Wing Management (96%)
  • [WPN] Weaponry (100%)
Preceded by
Evo Sarnok
Sin Squadron Commander
15 October 2007 - January 25, 2009
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