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Current Assignment[edit]

Plif is currently the TIE Corps Commander of the TIE Corps. He is also a rogue Dark Jedi holding the rank of Sith Battlemaster.

Past Assignments[edit]

Some of the leadership roles that Plif has occupied in the Emperor's Hammer:

Strategic Operations Officer (SOO)
Commodore of the ISDII Warrior (Twice)
Editor of the TIE Corps Newsletter (EDR)
Combat Operations Office Assistant (COOA)
Commander of Kappa Squadron - Wing II, ISDII Warrior
Commander of Sin Squadron - Wing II, ISDII Warrior
Commander of Asp Squadron - Wing XIV, ISDII Intrepid, Aggressor Strike Force (Twice)
Quaestor of House Caliburnus of Clan Scholae Palatinae
Quaestor of House Ronin of Clan Alvaak
Executive Medical Officer of the Fleet Medical Corps
Deputy Chancellor of the Imperial Senate
Sector Enforcement Commissioner of the Sector Rangers
Command Attaché to the Security Officer
Lord Ambassador of the Advanced Guard

Significant Awards[edit]

Imperial Cross
"For his outstanding service as SOO FA Pete Mitchell has recommended Plif for the Imperial Cross and I completely agree... congrats." - FC/GA Rapier

Grand Order of the Emperor
“AD Plif has served the emperor with distinction for the past 18 months as Commodore of the TIE Corps Flagship and SOO. Over that time, his exemplary organization, solid ideas, and wisdom has been vital to the success of the fleet. He has been efficient in his duties, run one heck of a trivia competition, and even successfully led an effort to revamp the TIE Corps Core Course. In short, AD Plif has been the best SOO anyone could ask for and more than deserves this small token of my appreciation.” - TCCOM/FA Pete Mitchell

Ch'hala Staff
“This member and I have been clashing for nearly the entire time we've known each other. While we both have vehemently disagreed and unquestioningly agreed, there is no one that can doubt his loyalty and dedication to the Imperial Senate. He has served as a Chairman, the Deputy Chancellor, Precentor Martial, and as an Aide. Senator Plif, for his long two years of service, is also awarded the Ch'hala Staff.” - CHS Belzedar Sleygar

TIE Corps Rank[edit]

When he returned to TIE Corps active duty in 2014, Plif turned in his Colonel badge in exchange for the rank of Captain, the last line rank he'd earned before being promoted to Vice Admiral. He felt that earning Colonel the "right way" would be a worthy goal to set in coming back and reached Colonel again on May 27th, 2015.

Preceded by
Pete Mitchell
TIE Corps Commander
April 2020-Present
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Pete Mitchell
Strategic Operations Officer
July 2018-April 2020
Succeeded by
John T. Clark
Preceded by
Pete Mitchell
Commodore of ISDII Warrior
August 2017-July 2018
Succeeded by
Hav Antiel
Preceded by
Ulrich Drachen
Squadron Commander of Kappa Squadron
November 2016-August 2017
Succeeded by
Dunta Polo
Preceded by
Frodo March
Commodore of ISDII Warrior
August 2016-November 2016
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Kyle Fardreamer
Squadron Commander of Sin Squadron
May 2014-August 2015
Succeeded by
CA:SO/VA Plif, 2001
FL/COL Plif, 2005