Order of the Vanguard

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The Order of the Vanguard is a service medal in the Emperor's Hammer that corresponds to each year that a member is in the fleet. The OV was at one point a TIE Corps-only medal that had to be specifically requested from the Operations Officer along with the join date of the member. With the coming of the TIE Corps database, this medal is now awarded automatically.


The Training Manual states that, "The Order of the Vanguard is awarded to members for extended service in the fleet. It is granted for each year in the Emperor's Hammer, the Order with Second Echelon [OV-2E] is granted for the second year, and the Third Echelon [OV-3E] is awarded for three years of membership and thus continues on upwards."

Additional Notes[edit]

In addition, it was expanded to Dark Brotherhood members as well, due to the fact that the Brotherhood site is based off the code for the TIE Corps site. This medal has also been adapted into the Directorate and the Hammer's Fist.