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Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of "Proceedings”!

Greetings, fellow members of The Emperor's Hammer, and welcome to the debut issue of "Proceedings" – our very own academic journal that delves into the intriguing realms of online gaming, strategy, and everything in between. As the Training Officer, it is my distinct pleasure to present to you the fruits of the intellectual endeavors of our club's brilliant minds. Our members have not merely played, but explored, analyzed, and dissected the very fabric of the gaming universe we collectively inhabit. "Proceedings" is the culmination of their insightful pursuits, a platform where ideas are shared, strategies are dissected, and the pulse of our community is felt.

Within these pages, you will find a diverse array of theses contributed by our dedicated members. Each piece is a testament to the passion and intellectual curiosity that defines The Emperor's Hammer. From tactical analyses to deep dives into the lore that breathes life into our favorite stories, our contributors have left no stone unturned. Our aim with "Proceedings" is simple: to foster a community of thinkers and strategists, providing a space where ideas are celebrated, and knowledge is the currency of distinction. In these pages, you'll discover not only the expertise of our members but also the camaraderie that binds us as we collectively navigate the vast and ever-evolving landscapes of lore and academia.

As we embark on this academic journey together, let "Proceedings" be a source of knowledge, and a testament to the intellectual prowess that thrives within the ranks of The Emperor's Hammer. May these pages ignite curiosity, spark discussions, and forge connections that extend beyond our medals and ranks.

So, flip through these digital pages, dear reader, and immerse yourself in the wealth of insights that our community has to offer. This is the beginning of a new chapter for our community, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

- AD Sylas Pitt, Training Officer


Issue #1

January 2024 - Download Here

  • The TIE Defender
    by LC Honsou
  • The E-Wing: A Failure Of Design Or A Failure Of Adoption
    by COL Locke Setzer
  • The Infinite Promise Of Kashi Mer (Or Locke Setzer's Quest For Infinite Life And/Or Unlimited Power Without Consequences)
    by JUG Locke Setzer
  • Flight And Dark: One Pilot's Exploration Into The Use Of Force Powers During Starfighter Combat

Issue #2