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The Training Officer (TO) is a Command Staff officer (CS-4) responsible for operation of the Imperial University and training courses within. Admiral Sylas Pitt is currently serving as the Training Officer.

The Modular Taskforce Cruiser Consul is the current flagship of the Emperor's Hammer Training Officer, and is home to the Training Office when the Fleet is forward-deployed.

Position Description[edit]

Unit patch for the Training Office

The Training Officer (TO) oversees both the day-to-day management of the Imperial University (IU) (grading courses, submitting feedback, and ensuring materials are correct) as well as the long-term development of the Imperial University (developing new courses, reviewing and deprecating outdated courses). The Training Officer coordinates closely with other Command Staff members, including the Internet Officer for maintenance of the Imperial University system, and the Logistics Officer for integration of course content within the Emperor’s Hammer storyline and canon.


  • Leads the development and maintenance of Imperial University courses by:
    • Analyzing existing courses and identifying opportunities for new courses
    • Designing a structure, learning objectives, and methodology for new courses
    • Developing course materials including notes, media, and assessment (exam) instruments
    • Implementing new courses within the structure of the Imperial University
    • Continually evaluating courses for accuracy and relevance
  • Coordinates with Group Commanders and other interested parties to identify training requirements unique to the operation of each group; identifies courses appropriate for inclusion within the group-themed Academies (Imperial Weapons and Tactics School, Shadow Academy, and Carrida Stormtrooper Military Academy).
  • Appoints Professors to assist with the development, maintenance, and operation of specifically assigned courses; leverages content subject matter expert experts to prepare course materials.
  • Establishes procedures for implementing and reviewing new courses; approves course design plans, learning objectives, notes, and assessments.
  • Ensures that all submitted exams are graded and returned to members on a timely basis (generally within 3 days).
  • Ensures that all courses are reviewed annually and are validated for continued operation within the Imperial University system; deprecates and/or inactivates courses no longer meeting standards for accuracy and relevance of course material.

Promotional Authority[edit]

The Training Officer is authorized to appoint a Command Attaché with a minimum rank of Rear Admiral and maximum rank of Admiral.


The Training Officer must hold the minimum rank of Rear Admiral. The TO may be promoted up to and including the rank of High Admiral.

Past Training Officers[edit]

# TO Took office Left office Time in office Promotion
1 Kane NL16 NL18 -
2 Paladin NL19 NL24 - Admiral (NL22)
3 Yoni NL25 NL27 -
4 Talon NL28 NL30 - Admiral (NL31)
5 Katarn NL35 NL36 - Fleet Admiral (NL35)
6 Zach NL37 NL42 -
7 Andrew NL43 - -
8 Yodavin NL44 NL46 - Fleet Admiral (NL36)
9 Chuck NL46 NL51 - Fleet Admiral (NL50)
10 Astatine 6th May 1999 (NL52) 9th January 2002 (NL80) 2 years, 8 months, 3 days High Admiral (11/30/1999)
Demotion (1/7/2000)
High Admiral (5/3/2000)
11 Havoc 16th February 2002 (NL82) 30th May 2002 (NL83) 4 months, 14 days
12 Mell Kerrigan 27th July 2002 (NL86) 2nd December 2002 (NL87) 3 months, 5 days Admiral (7/27/2002)
13 Keldorn Cochrane 2nd February 2003 (NL88) 24th May 2004 (NL103) 1 year, 4 months, 22 days Admiral (3/19/2003)
Fleet Admiral (5/22/2004)
14 Drako 19th June 2004 (NL103) 16th January 2005 5 months, 28 days Admiral (8/29/2004)
15 Stuart 19th February 2005 8th March 2006 1 year, 17 days Admiral (4/8/2005)
Fleet Admiral (12/10/2005)
16 Rejili Holthaus 27th April 2006 24th October 2006 5 months, 27 days
17 Uther 24th October 2006 26th January 2007 3 months, 2 days
18 Astin 7th August 2007 20th March 2008 7 months, 14 days Admiral (9/29/2007)
19 Jon Marcus 9th May 2008
20 Mordred 31st January 2009 10th October 2009 8 months, 11 days Admiral (10/10/2009)
21 Kreeayt Havok 10th October 2009 20th August 2011 1 year, 10 months, 11 days High Admiral (11/22/2009)
22 Tomaas Montte 20th February 2012 6 July 2022 10 years, 4 months, 16 days Admiral (02/20/2012)
Fleet Admiral (10/12/2015)
23 Sylas Pitt 29 July 2022 Incumbent Incumbent Rear Admiral (07/29/2022)
Vice Admiral (03/13/2023)
Admiral (10/30/2023)
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