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Rear Admiral Sylas Pitt is the Training Officer for the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff aboard the SSD Avenger. He is also a Flight Leader and Squadron Executive Officer of Thunder Squadron on Wing X aboard the ISDII Challenge for The Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps.


"Why should I not hate my enemies and hunt them down like the most vicious of all beasts that they are? If I loved them, does that not place me at their mercy? Can the torn and bloodied victim love the blood-splashed jaws that rend him limb from limb?" 
-Sylas Pitt, 29ABY

Early Life

Sylas Pitt was born on Brolsam 6 ABY, the child of two retired Imperial Officers. His father, Baern Pitt, was a Stormtrooper General. His mother, Rika Pitt, was an Imperial Navy Officer. Baern and Rika owned a small farm in an obscure village, where they had hoped to raise their son, away from the conflict that shook the galaxy. As hostility towards the Empire grew, Baern sold their farm and moved to a different village, on the far side of the planet, to begin anew. Resentment towards any Imperials, current or retired, was becoming a very real danger. With the signs of danger in every direction, Baern and Rika began to save what credits they could to leave Brolsam.

In 8 ABY, Brolsam was siezed by New Republic forces, causing an uproar around the planet. New Republic supporters began rounding up and imprisioning Imperial Officials and sympathizers. Baern Pitt was one of the many Imperial casualties, giving his life so that his wife and son could survive and escape. 

Sylas Pitt Duty.png

After their narrow escape, Rika and Sylas Pitt stowed away in smuggling ships, carefully making their way to Coruscant, the very heart of the New Republic. Here they hid in plain sight, deep within the lower bowels of the city, creating a modest life. Rika set up a small convenience store, where Sylas spent most of his days, making deliveries and helping with the general finances of the store.


Maintaining a low social profile on Coruscant was not easy, however the Pitts were able to find other Imperial refugees hiding within the city, with whom they were able to socialize without fear of persecution. Many supporters of the New Republic held grudges against all Imperials, even those no longer participating in the ongoing conflicts. When an Imperial was exposed in the city, they were never heard from again. With this in mind, the Pitts and their circle of associates strategically banded together to keep eyes and ears out for possible rumors or suspicions of fellow Imperials with the hopes of reaching and helping them before the dogs of the New Republic got to them.

Within this group, Sylas met a young human that would eventually become his closes friend. For the sake of keeping his Imperial identity a secret, he refused to go by anything other than Badkid312. Badkid312 was the only person, aside from his mother, with whom Sylas confided his wishes to leave Coruscant and explore.

Early Adulthood

In 28 ABY, at the age of 22, Sylas ventured out of Coruscant, usually as a stowaway on New Republic ships. As the ships docked in different systems, Sylas was able to explore and interact with the locals nearby, gaining information as he went. During a stop on Corellia, he learned of a splinter group of Imperials who called themselves The Emperor's Hammer. Asking further, he discovered their headquarters, Aurora Prime.

Knowing that the New Republic ships wouldn't carry him that far, he remained on Corellia for a few months, working and earning enough credits to pay for private transport. He slept outdoors and worked every single day to save as much as possible, sparing only a few credits to feed and sustain himself. Once he had enough credits, he was able to pay off a small trade ship for a direct flight to Aurora Prime.


Joining The TIE Corps


In 29 ABY, at the age of 23, Sylas enlisted with the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps. Attending the Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS), he dedicated all of his energy to his studies and duties.

Shortly after graduation and assignment, Sylas made great effort to contact his friend, Badkid312, back in Coruscant to tell him about his journey thus far. Upon learning about The Emperor's Hammer, Badkid312 went through great efforts to follow in Sylas' path. After a few short months of travel, the two friends met again on the surface of Aurora upon Badkid312's arrival. Both friends have been pushing each other through their academics and training to become better pilots.

Firebird Squadron

After completing his training at IWATS, he was assigned to Firebird Squadron. At first, Sylas was disheartened with his Squadron assignment. He had dreamed of serving the Empire and trained tirelessly in the academy to fly TIE fighters to his best ability. In this Squadron, however, he was assigned to fly New Republic ships, specifically a Y-Wing Bomber. Sylas had sworn to himself to tear apart and sabotage any New Republic ships he came across. Adamant at first, Sylas reluctantly learned the ropes, eventually beginning to appreciate the shield technology that the TIEs lacked.

With his training complete, Sylas has dedicated most of his spare time studying the vast history of the galaxy as a whole. From the roots of The Mandalorians to the most recent events. Sylas has held an unhealthy fascination with understanding historical events, learning where mistakes were made, and where strategies could be improved.

Thunder Squadron

Less than a year after his inauguration into the TIE Corps, Sylas received an offer from Thunder Squadron Commander, LegionX. Thunder Squadron had been suffering from a lack of both activity and Flight Members. Sylas noticed that Firebird Squadron had a full roster, and accepted Legion's offer, all in the name of assisting his fellow Shipmates.

On March 23rd, 30 ABY, Sylas Pitt was promoted to Executive Officer of Thunder Squadron.

He currently holds a position as a Flight Leader in Thunder Squadron

Command Staff

On July 29th, 30 ABY, Sylas Pitt was given the Training Officer position in the Emperor's Hammer Command Staff, succeeding FA Tomaas Montte.


Sylas Pitt DressRA.png
Date Rank Time Held
05/06/29ABY - 05/07/29ABY Cadet 1 Day
05/07/29ABY - 05/09/29ABY Sub-Lieutenant 2 Days
05/09/29ABY - 08/18/29ABY Lieutenant 3 Months, 10 Days
08/18/29ABY - 04/09/30ABY Lieutenant Commander 7 Months, 20 days
04/09/30ABY - Present Commander Current
Flag Ranks
Date Rank Time Held
07/28/30ABY - Present Rear Admiral Current
Legion Awards
Award Amount Combat Rating
Legion of Combat (LoC) 92 Marksman 2nd
Legion of Skirmish (LoS) 55 Private 4th
Merit and Service Medals
Award Amount
Bronze Star of the Empire 1
Palpatine Crescent 4
Imperial Security Medal 3
Imperial Achievement Ribbon 4
TIE Corps Meritorious Unit Award 2
Medal of Instruction 2
Medal of Communication 11
Iron Star, Gold Wings 1
Iron Star, Gold Ribbon 1
Iron Star, Silver Ribbon 3
Iron Star, Bronze Ribbon 2
Iron Star, Copper Ribbon 4
Commendation of Bravery 1
Order of the Vanguard 1
Imperial University Courses
Course Description Score
TCCORE TIE Corps Core 100%
INTEL History of Imperial Intelligence 100%
HIST History of the Galactic Civil War 100%
GR History of the Galactic Republic 100%
PRER History of the Galaxy Prior to the Republic 100%
MAN1 History of the Mandalorians, part 1 97%
MAN2 History of the Mandalorians, part 2 100%
C/DB Phase I CORE - Dark Brotherhood 86%
SM/5 Squadron Management 5 100%
WKS Wookiee Studies 100%
AF Artifacts of the Force 90%
DL History of the Dark Lords 100%
JO1 History of the Jedi Order, Part I 100%
RG History of the Royal Guard 94%
CRD Crowd Control 100%
WIKI Wiki Editing for Dummies 100%
INO Imperial Naval Organization 100%
EJE Extrajudicial Execution 87%
TD The Tarkin Doctrine 100%
S Stormtrooper Certification 98%
Fiction and Art
Title Publication Description
A Special Kind of Challenge 05/22/29ABY Small character introduction, detailing Sylas' feelings about his assignment to Firebird Squadron.
Fitting In 06/28/29ABY Sylas muses about his place in the TIE Corps.
Hoist the Colours 10/16/29ABY Fiction Bonus Competition for Raise the Flag 2021 - Placed 4th in the Top 10 Finalists.
Infiltrator Wing fiction, featuring members of Firebird and Eagle Squadron.
Holo Home 01/02/30ABY Submitted for competition Holos for the Holidays (1st place)
Sylas sends a message home to his mother, detailing his life among the stars with the TIE Corps