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Taurus is an Minotaur/Human-Hybrid Pilot and Tactician, as well as the currently reigning Master-at-Arms of the Dark Brotherhood. He holds the rank of Major and the rank of Inquisitor in the Dark Brotherhood. He currently is a Flight Member in Firebird Squadron. His real name is not known, he is using the Call Sign of Cade Tezo, who went MIA.



Tie Corps

Firebird Squadron

Dark Brotherhood

Powers and Skills

  • Expert Pilot with an uncanny Ability to evade
  • Experienced Mechanic and Slicer and Smith
  • Expert Battle Tactician
  • Trained and experienced Infiltrator
  • Expert Swordsman; Style leans on elements of different lightsaber forms

Known Powers of the Dark Side

  • Expert in the ways and Philosophie of Sith Alchemy
  • Expert Battle Meditation, able to control and guide a multiple Squadrons through active Space Battles while piloting a Spacecraft himself
  • Expert in drawing Powers from the Force to fuel his Rage and Strength
  • Advanced Force Precognition and Sense
  • Advanced Telepathy able to communicate with multiple persons, as well as doing simple mind tricks using a hand movement as focus