TIECorps Tailoring Tool 3

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TIECorps Tailoring Tool 3 is a program for creating Emperor's Hammer and TIE Corps uniforms, created in 2021. The creation of version 3 of this tool was spearheaded by SkyShadow with support from many other EHTC members. Version 3 replaces TTT, Tempest's Tailoring Tool 2. This application is maintained by the EH Internet Office for the exclusive use of the Emperor's Hammer, and is the only official and approved tool that may be used for this task.

Introduction: What is TTT?

Since the template files for the uniforms are 3D models, which not too many people can easily work with, this tool is for assembling the uniform parts from given personnel data (either entered via the GUI or imported from the TC database).

TTT3 generates a basic preview in POV-Ray (the Persistence of Vision raytracer), allowing the user to comfortably set camera position, lighting and some other options, and finally renders the final uniform image by calling POV-Ray to render the final image as per your selections.

While it would have been easier and faster to just render out template pictures and have TTT put them together, as the first version of the program did, there would have been some disadvantages.

First, when putting images together that look 3D, but are only 2D, the objects don't interact (don't reflect and don't cast shadows on each other). Elements that do not always appear on the exact same spot (like a 3rd class merit medal) would also look perspectively wrong when put to a location where they were not originally rendered at. You therefore end up with a kind of 2.5D look.

Second, working with the 3D data directly adds a new level of flexibility, like being able to set the camera and lighting, change the resolution, and so on.


Installation Instructions

There are 3 programs that need to be installed:

  • Persistence of Vision Raytracer (POV-Ray) Installer
  • Windows Editor DLLs for POV-Ray
  • TIE Corps Tailoring Tool (TTT3)

The most up to date links for these tools can be found on the EH TC Uniforms page.

Once POV-Ray and its DLLs have been installed, just unzip TTT3 and run TTT3.exe

Basic Use Instructions

  1. Launch TTT3
  2. Switch to the Import Tab
  3. Enter your PIN
  4. Press Import Button
  5. After your information loads, press the Dress Uniform button which will then open up the TTT3 Rendering Options screen.
    Ttt3 import tab annotated text.png
  6. Press the Raytrace button to launch POV-Ray which will then start generating the uniform.
    Dress uniform annotated.png
  7. Once generation is finished the image will be shown and the uniform will automatically be saved as dress.png in the data folder. Optionally after the image is generated you can use Save As button to save the image to a new location.
    Uniform output.png
  8. In a web browser, log in to your EH TC account
  9. Navigate to the Upload uniform image link
  10. Press Choose File and pick you newly generated uniform image
  11. Upload the uniform to submit it for approval