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Emperor's Hammer Command Staff
CS-1 Fleet Commander:

GA Rapier

CS-2 Executive Officer:

Not Filled

CS-3 Security Officer:

Not Filled

CS-4 Internet Officer:

AD Turtle Jerrar

CS-4(a) Communications Officer:

FA Jarek La'an

CS-5 Training Officer:

AD Tomaas Montte

CS-6 Tactical Officer:

AD Pickled Yoda

CS-6(a) Science Officer:

AD Impulse

CS-7 Logistics Officer:

VA Mark Schueler

CS-8 Recon Officer:

AD Miles Prower

Current Attache Staff

AD Jedi Eclipse


AD Hav Antiel

Imperial Fleet Advisors
IA-1 Princeps:

GA Ronin

IA-2 Imperial Sovereign Protector:

Not Filled

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Position Description[edit]

The Internet Officer is directly responsible for maintaining the Main EH WWW Links Site. The Main EH WWW Links Site serves as a central link for all EH related links/pages in the Fleet (i.e. Subgroups, Battlegroups, Ships, Wings and Squadrons). The Internet Officer also aids the Fleet by looking for new areas of exposure and opportunities for the Emperor's Hammer on the WWW, as well as assisting members with questions about the creation of EH sites, and supervising the internet activities of the fleet. The IO works closely with the Communications Officer in the maintenance of the EH Message Boards (MB) and internet services.

Rank: The Internet Officer is Fourth in Command of the Fleet and must hold the minimum Rank of Admiral. The Internet Officer can be promoted up to and including the rank of High Admiral.

Past Internet Officers[edit]

# IO Took office Left office Time in office Promotion
1 Moldman NL21 NL43 - Admiral (NL22)
Fleet Admiral (NL26)
2 Quintar Anakin NL44 NL45 -
3 Weicksel NL46 - -
4 Gilkane NL47 - -
5 Enegiza NL48 NL51 - Admiral (NL48)
6 Thedek NL52 NL61 - Fleet Admiral (NL56)
7 Rocanon 18th February 2000 (NL62) 28th March 2000 (NL63) 1 month, 10 days
8 Turtle Jerrar 2nd April 2000 (NL64) 25th November 2000 (NL68) 8 months, 23 days Admiral (5/15/2000)
9 AbsoluteK 25th November 2000 (NL69) 22nd August 2001 (NL77) 8 months, 28 days Fleet Admiral (2/23/2001)
10 Ari 26th August 2001 (NL78) 22nd May 2004 (NL103) 2 years, 8 months, 26 days Fleet Admiral (3/27/2002)
High Admiral (5/6/2003)
11 Robert Dura 22nd May 2004 15th August 2004 2 months, 24 days
12 Bevel Leeson 15th August 2004 15th October 2004 2 months
13 Lenvik 19th February 2005 20th October 2005 8 months, 1 day Admiral (4/8/2005)
14 Yukikaze 28th February 2006 23rd December 2006 8 months, 26 days
15 Talek Pter Dei 6th January 2007 22nd February 2007 1 month, 16 days
16 Bevel Leeson 29th June 2007 26th November 2007 4 months, 28 days
17 Wolfverine 24th December 2007 23rd April 2008 3 months,30 days
18 Silwar Naiilo 10th May 2008 24th August 2008 3 months, 14 days
19 Zsinj 31st January 2009 27th June 2020 Admiral (02/14/2009)
Fleet Admiral (10/10/2009)
High Admiral (10/12/2011)
20 Turtle Jerrar 27th June 2020 - Incumbent