Enrina Drosa

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Enrina Drosa is a NPC of the MC-90 Renegade and currently assigned as Wing Commander for Wing XXII. She was created by Jagged Fell III as part of the Find a WC for Wing XXII competition.


Marital Status[edit]

Erina Drosa is single.


Father was a upper level manager at Sienar Systems Advanced Projects Laboratory overseeing aspects of the TIE Defender project. When the Rebels "liberated" the planet he lost his job and status. His service to the Empire caused him to be forever ostrizied by the "enlightened" new rulers of the planet.

Social Status[edit]

Her father's ostracizing from society caused her family to go from being very wealthy and influential to near poverty in the matter of months. She grew up knowing that everything could be taken away from you in an instant.

Significant events of her youth[edit]

The loss of her family's status when she was very young forever tainted the Rebels and New Republic for her. She grew up hand to mouth and never wants to go back to that again.

Significant events of her adulthood[edit]

When she was 18 she had saved/stolen enough money to get transport off Lothal and into the wider galaxy. Over the next 5 years she drifted from one "pilot job" to another trying to make her way in a hostile galaxy. Finally, she learned of a last bastion of order in the chaotic galaxy that is the Emperor’s Hammer and stole her employer's prized YT-2000 freighter to make her way to the EH.

She immediately enlisted upon arrival and has steadily worked her way up the EH command positions into her current position as head of the Infiltrator Wing. She got this role in part due to her deep familiarity with the New Republic designs after being raised on a NR world and her experience as a pilot and smuggler.

General alignment and attitude[edit]

Enrina firmly believes that the New Republic represents chaos and disorder. While the Empire can be harsh, it is necessary for everyone to know their place in life.

Previous occupations[edit]

  • Smuggler
  • Cargo freighter pilot
  • Bartender
  • Thief


Drinking contests with General Master and gambling

Tragedies in their life[edit]

  • The Liberation of Lothal
  • Death of the Emperor

Phobias and allergies[edit]

Going back to poverty

Her view of the Empire and the Emperor's Hammer[edit]

Only the Empire can offer the order and structure needed by the galaxy to resist the forces of chaos and allow the galactic civilization to advance into a new era.

Her reason for enlisting in the Emperor's Hammer[edit]

To make it so that she never has to feel unsure of her place in the galaxy again.

Additional Details[edit]

Unlike so many from the Outer Rim who came from a family in the Imperial service, Enrina never attempted to cultivate a false Coruscanti accent, but has a pan-galactic accent developed from her years among the diverse populous of Lothal and later, the smuggling world.