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Wing XXII is a wing of the Emperor's Hammer TIE Corps. It is currently active and assigned to the MC90 Renegade, as part of Battlegroup III.

History and Lineage[edit]

On April 17, 2023, Wing XXII was re-activated along with the MC90 Renegade to support expansion of the active fleet, and provide a dedicated home to the Infiltrator Wing squadrons, which had previously been housed on the ISD Challenge.

Wing XXII inherited the active Infiltrator Wing squadrons at the time - Eagle Squadron, Firebird Squadron, and Raven Squadron, despite none of them being historical squadrons of the Wing (which originally consisted of Enforcer Squadron, Knight Squadron, Razor Squadron, Silver Squadron, Victor Squadron, and White Squadron.) Nevertheless, Wing XXII and the Renegade as a whole were seen as a good "neutral" option to satisfy pilots arguing for the restoration of the Fear or the Warspite.

Active Squadrons[edit]

Inctive Squadrons[edit]