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Genie is a current Squadron Commander of Lambda Squadron aboard the ISD Hammer.


Genie has a distinct blue skin colour and is presumed to be a Chiss. During childhood, Genie had joined the ranks of Mercenaries who were predominantly paid to assassinate Rebels, particularly Rebel Pilots. He was involved in countless battles, at some point forcing the Rebels to scale up their Starfighter Production to make up for their heavy losses. In his later career, he joined as an Imperial Fighter Pilot. He got carried away with unleashing the power of the Missile Boat. It resulted in missile shortages for the Empire. Emperor Palpatine had to delay the production of the second Death Star because of it, in order to redirect resources to boost Missile Production. He spent his early years as a hired-gun for the MayGen Corp. Then later, Genie joined the Assassins Guild. In his 30s, he retreated to Tatooine where he became a Farmer. It is unclear, but there are suspicions he once flew for the Rebellion.

TIE Corps[edit]

After the Rebellion successfully dethroned Palpatine and the Empire was fragmented, it became clear the Empire (or what was left of it) needed people like him again to rejoin the fray. That and growing plants in a desert ain't exactly fun. Found out about TIE Corps through a posting on the Galactic Dark Web. Decided to apply. Thankfully, farmers with good aim are welcomed. He was directed straight into the Sin Squadron, where he fitted right in.