Battlegroup Commander

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Position Description[edit]

A Battlegroup Commander (BGCOM) commands one of the many battlegroups listed in the Order of Battle. A battlegroup usually consists of an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer and a number of support vessels. The BGCOM oversees the operation of these ships and all assigned personnel.

From 2009 through most of 2022, this position was not in use in the TIE Corps. This position was brought back in October of 2022. The three assigned Commodores were elevated to Battlegroup Commander and the position of Commodore was retired.


The appointment rank for a BGCOM is Rear Admiral, though officers that have completed a tour of duty at a higher flag rank will be restored to or retain the highest flag rank they've earned. A BGCOM may be promoted up to the rank of Fleet Admiral.

Command Responsibilities[edit]

  • Oversee the operations of the Battlegroup
  • Appoint Squadron Commanders
  • Review medal recommendations submitted by officers from the Battlegroup
  • Review comments, questions, etc. from Battlegroup members
  • Inform the Battlegroup of important events, competitions, etc.
  • Be familiar with primary reference materials (e.g., the TIE Corps Pilot Manual)
  • Be familiar with primary TIE Corps and Emperor's Hammer webpages (e.g., the Emperor's Hammer domain, TIE Corps domain, TIE Corps roster)
  • Participate in competitions (where possible)
  • Attend online meetings (where possible)
  • Write Battlegroup reports
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