Battlegroup Commander

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Position Description[edit]

A Battlegroup Commander commands a taskforce which usually consists of 1-3 Imperial-class Star Destroyers and various support vessels. The Battlegroup Commander oversees the operation of these ships, the wings contained within, and all personnel contained as well.

Rank: The minimum rank is Vice Admiral. The maximum is Admiral.

As of 2009, this position is not currently in use in the TIE Corps.

Command Responsibilities[edit]

  • Oversee the operations of the Battlegroup.
  • Provide the battlegroup with bi-weekly Battlegroup Reports.
  • Keep in contact with Commodores.
  • Appoint Commodores and Wing Commanders (in some cases).
  • Review medal recommendations from Commodores and Wing Commanders.
  • Review comments, questions, etc from Battlegroup members.
  • Forward emails, where appropriate, from superior officers to the Battlegroup.
  • Inform the Battlegroup of important events, competitions, etc.
  • Completes BSFs for all Commodores and Elite Squadron Commanders under his/her command.
  • Be familiar with primary reference materials (Training Manual, etc.)
  • Be familiar with primary TIE Corps and Emperor's Hammer web pages (Emperor's Hammer domain, TIE Corps domain, TIE Corps roster, message board, etc.).
  • Submissions for the Emperor's Hammer Newsletter (sent to the Executive Officer).
  • Post/read the Emperor's Hammer Message Boards (where possible).
  • Participate in competitions (where possible).
  • Attend on-line meetings (where possible).

A Battlegroup Commander will have a heavy email and on-line load. It could be expected that 100-200 EH Members will contact a particular Battlegroup Commander in any given month (average 15-25 hours/month).

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