Subgroup Commander

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Subgroup Commander (SGCOM) is a position responsible for leading an Emperor's Hammer Subgroup.

Position Description[edit]

The Emperor's Hammer is made up of the Emperor’s Hammer Command Staff (EHCS) and subgroups that each focus on different set of interests and activities. Each subgroup is led by a Subgroup Commander (SGCOM).

SGCOMs are appointed by and report to the Executive Officer and Fleet Commander. SGCOMs are not considered members of the EHCS.

This position was originally known as SGCOM, changed to Group Commanding Officer (GCO) for a time, and has reverted to SGCOM.

Command Responsibilities[edit]

  • Command their respective subgroup
  • Appoint members to leadership positions
  • Organize activities (e.g., competitions)
  • Review comments and questions from subgroup members
  • Forward important news to relevant parties
  • Be familiar with primary reference materials (e.g., manuals)
  • Be familiar with subgroup and Emperor's Hammer webpages
  • Participate in competitions (where possible)
  • Attend online meetings (where possible)
  • Online Requirements: Extreme (40+ hours per month)

Current Subgroup Commander Positions[edit]

Inactive Subgroup Commander Positions[edit]