Medal of Communication

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The Medal of Communication is a service medal in the Emperor's Hammer. The current system of awards was introduced under Admiral Jarek La'an, based on the system of Joey C.


The Training Manual states that, "The Medal of Communication is awarded to any member who has displayed constant communication efforts such as posting on mailing lists, posting on the Emperor's Hammer Message Boards, maintaining a high level presence on IRC channels, etc."

Reference: EH Training Manual

Award Authority[edit]

This medal can be awarded by the Communications Officer.


Bronze Oak Cluster
Silver Oak Cluster
Gold Oak Cluster
Platinum Oak Cluster
Diamond Oak Cluster

Upgrade Explanation[edit]

The system of awarding those upgrades is simple. Assume that the members mentioned here are very active in terms of communication every month. In the first two months of activity, members are rewarded with the Bronze Oak Clusters. In the third month they are awarded the Silver Oak Cluster instead of a Bronze Oak Cluster. In the fourth and fifth month they are awarded yet again with Bronze Oak Clusters and in the sixth month, they shall gain a Gold Oak Cluster. This process continues until the reach Diamond Oak Cluster and then starts once again from the beginning. Therefore, members active throughout all months in a year should receive eight Bronze Oak Clusters and one of Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Oak Clusters. This is not a continuous process, so if a member is somehow not active in a few months, he shall not be penalized and when he returns he will continue his progress in this “queue” as if nothing has happened.