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Emperor's Hammer Command Staff
CS-1 Fleet Commander:

GA Rapier

CS-2 Executive Officer:

Not Filled

CS-3 Security Officer:

Not Filled

CS-4 Internet Officer:

FA Turtle Jerrar

CS-4(a) Communications Officer:

FA Jarek La'an

CS-5 Training Officer:

FA Tomaas Montte

CS-6 Tactical Officer:

FA Pickled Yoda

CS-6(a) Science Officer:

AD Impulse

CS-7 Logistics Officer:

FA Mark Schueler

CS-8 Recon Officer:

AD Miles Prower

Current Attache Staff

AD Jedi Eclipse


HA Elwood the Brave


AD Hav Antiel

Imperial Fleet Advisors
IA-1 Princeps:

GA Ronin

IA-2 Imperial Sovereign Protector:

SA Kamjin Maverick Lap'lamiz

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Position Description[edit]

Position Description: The Communications Officer (COMM) is primarily responsible for maintaining the Emperor’s Hammer communications platforms (Discord, Message Boards, and e-mail distribution lists), enforcing the Emperor’s Hammer Code of Conduct, and responding to Members’ complaints and concerns. In addition, any Member having trouble trying to reach their immediate commanding officer may contact the Communications Officer for assistance. The Communications Officer (or his/her designee) is responsible for moderating online conferences and meetings (as required). The Communications Officer, along with the Internet Officer, works closely with the Security Officer concerning Member conduct and use of club communications platforms.

Rank: The Communications Officer is Support Staff for the Internet Officer (IO) and must hold the minimum rank of Admiral. Although organized as a part of the Internet Office, the position of COMM is considered a Command Staff position. The COMM may be promoted up to and including the rank of High Admiral.

Past Communications Officers[edit]

# COMM Took office Left office Time in office Promotion
1 Shawshank NL18 NL27 - Admiral (NL22)
2 Threat NL28 NL51 - Admiral (NL31)
Fleet Admiral (NL33)
3 Zoomba NL52 6th February 2000 (NL61) - Fleet Admiral (NL57)
4 Kumba 6th February 2000 (NL62) 13th January 2001 (NL70) 11 months, 7 days Fleet Admiral (6/7/2000)
5 Coolguy 13th January 2001 (NL71) 22nd May 2001 (NL74) 4 months, 9 days
6 HackSolo 3rd June 2001 (NL75) 29th October 2001 (NL79) 4 months, 26 days Vice Admiral (NL77)
7 Motti 29th October 2001 (NL80) 8th April 2003 (NL92) 1 year, 5 months, 10 days Admiral (12/30/2001)
8 Aiden Cantor Karias 8th April 2003 (NL 93) 22nd May 2004 (NL100) 1 year, 1 month, 14 days
9 Turtle Jerrar 22nd May 2004 (NL101) 18th December 2004 (NL105) 6 months, 26 days
10 Joey C 18th December 2004 21st September 2005 9 months, 3 days Admiral (1/29/2005)
11 Jarek La'an 4th October 2005 30th July 2006 9 months, 26 days Admiral (12/10/2005)
12 Sirik Xirok 30th July 2006 8th November 2006 3 months, 9 days
13 Jarek La'an 17th May 2007 19th March 2008 9 months, 2 days Admiral (7/14/2007)
14 Starrett 10th May 2008 2008 - Vice Admiral (5/10/2008)
15 Jarek La'an 4 May 2020 Incumbent -