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The Medal of Scholarship (MoS) is a service medal of the Emperor's Hammer.


The Medal of Scholarship is awarded to any Emperor's Hammer member who expands the Imperial University’s body of knowledge by creating a new course and supporting materials, or who substantially revises an existing course (generally considered to be changing at least 50% of the course content to include notes and the exam). Such new course or revised course must have been approved for instruction within the Imperial University according to Training Office procedures.

Award Authority

Recommendation Authority: Any assigned member of the Training Office staff.

Approval Authority: Training Officer or the Command Attaché to the Training Officer.


The Medal of Scholarship is upgraded as follows:

  • Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster - 5 awards
  • Silver Oak Leaf Cluster - 10 awards
  • Gold Oak Leaf Cluster - 20 awards

Order of Precedence

The ribbon for the Medal of Scholarship is worn after the Medal of Tactics and before the Medal of Communication.