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Lieutenant Colonel Repulsor has been in the Fleet for 13 standard years and counting. He was a member of Crusader Squadron before transferring to the Reserves, where he studied the History of the Galaxy. By the time he wanted to return to the TIE Corps, his old squadron has been long decommissioned. He returned active duty in Gamma Squadron, then took part in the transfer to Kappa Squadron and has been there since.

CPT Repulsor took over the command of Kappa Squadron on December 4th, 2014. His Tour of Duty lasted for more than 10 months, after which he stepped down from the Kappa Squadron Commander position, and was succeeded by Ulrich Drachen. Repulsor remained in Kappa at Flight Member position. In 2016, Repulsor was inducted to Kappa's The Order of the Eddyphotamus Dragon.

His personal ship is designated Black Panther.

Command History[edit]

Preceded by
Drake Starfire
Kappa Squadron Commander
Dec 2014-Oct 2015
Succeeded by
Ulrich Drachen