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Gamma Squadron is a recently activated squadron aboard the Imperial Class Star Destroyer Hammer. We are a young unit and re-establishing ourselves within the Imperial Navy. If you are interested in the challenge of forging a new identity for a legendary squadron then this is the unit for you. Our members play a range of games; the classic TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance as well as newer games like Star Wars Squadrons and EA Battlefronts.

Since our reactivation in the summer of 2022 Gamma Squadron has steadily built up a glowing reputation for activity with our pilots regularly placing highly on the Single Player, Player vs Player and Player vs AI killboards.

Raise the Flag
Our first fleet wide competition was Raise the Flag 2022 and Gamma Squadron came second overall, behind our fellow Wing I stablemates Lambda Squadron and ahead of Thunder Squadron over in Wing X. Several Gamma pilots claimed individual placements, Elwood the Brave and TecGenie placed in the top-10 of the TIE Corps and Maximus Meridius and Syntroth placed in the top-20 of the TIE Corps.

Squadron History[edit]

Gamma Squadron made its first appearance on Christmas day 1994 where it appeared in Dark Sentinel #1 as one of the six squadrons in the Emperor’s Hammer Strike Wing stationed onboard the ISD Avenger. We were originally outfitted as a Close Support Squadron making use of 12 Missile Boats and before the end of 1994 we gained our first Squadron Commander in General Shawshank. Since then Gamma has remained a staple part of the fleet until a drop in TIE Corps membership numbers in the 2005-2015 period that saw Gamma close down until it’s recent (2022) revival.

Squad Reactivation[edit]

Gamma Squadron was reactivated in the summer of 2022 due to an upsurge in TIE Corps membership.


Gamma Flight I

  1. CMDR/CPT Witchblade
  2. FM/LT Marcus Corsec
  3. FM/GN Elwood the Brave
  4. FM/CPT Syntroth

Gamma Flight II

  1. SQXO/CM Maximus Meridius
  2. FM/CM Asen Starlancer
  3. FM/LT Tora
  4. FM/CM TecGenie

Gamma Flight III

  1. FL/CM Blaster72
  2. TBA
  3. FM/LCM Roxy Foxy
  4. FM/CM Varik Kassal


Banner Submissions for the Banner Competition.

Patch Submissions for the Patch Competition:

Squad transferred and Deactivation[edit]

When I returned to the TIE Corps as Flight Member in Gamma squadron the TIE Corps was struggling with a bad bureaucratic system and decreasing numbers.

Gamma CMDR back in those days was General Daniel Bonini. The finest and most likely strongest and most experienced leader I have ever met during my times in the TIE Corps. He was the one that pulled the strings in the background that were meant to change the whole future of the TIE Corps. He pushed forward the restructuring of the TIE Corps bureaucratic system, away from the far to centralized Emperor's Hammer based system to separated and far more efficient TIE Corps own one.

When Fleet Admiral Jedi Eclipse stepped down from his TIE Corps Commander position to concentrate on his work as Command Attache of the IO, Daniel Bonini was appointed as TCCOM and High Admiral.

Daniel Bonini's successor as Gamma CMDR was the former Flight Leader of Gamma Flight 2, Colonel Mark Schueler. New Flight 2 Flight Leader, after Mark Schueler freed up the spot was no other than myself, as MAJ Elwood the Brave back than.

But the good Colonel was too busy and far to involved in the office of the Logistics Officer and thus had to step down from the Gamma CMDR spot after only 4 months in service. And again I followed the good Colonel and became CMDR of Gamma.

During the next 9 months I was allowed to lead Gamma through a time of great unrest and hectic changes for the TIE Corps. Every day new recruits were coming, every day those fresh recruits were dying. Still the TIE Corps numbers were growing and that lead to new squadrons being commissioned within short times. The new threat coming from the huge offensive called "Star Conflict" drove all the loyal and enthusiastic among the young men within the Emperor's Hammer territories to join our fleet as pilots.

With these growing numbers the ISDII Hammer soon became crowded and a new ISDII, the Warrior was planned and, after a fantastic short time, commissioned. The crew, or better the squadron commanders, aboard the ISD II Hammer were asked by the TIE Corps Commander, High Admiral Daniel Bonini, which squadron volunteered for the new ISD. About the same time, HA Bonini told me in secret that I would be the future Commodore of the ISDII Hammer and that High Admiral Frodo March would take the command over the ISDII Warrior.

Even though I didn't want to lose those pilots under my command I decided, together with the rest of Gamma squadron, that Gamma should be one of the squadrons that would transfer to the Warrior. When I heard that HA Bonini decided to agree to this transfer, I contacted HA Frodo March and recommended my most promising pilot in Gamma to be my successor as commander of Gamma, Lt. Commander Starkillerny, Flight Leader of Gamma Flight 2 back than. HA March agreed and, once Gamma was transferred over to then Warrior and renamed to Kappa, Starkillerny was promoted to the rank of CM and appointed as Gamma Commander, while I was appointed as Commodore of the ISD II Hammer and promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral.

From that moment on I knew I would most likely never ever command such a fine and exclusive squadron again. I still look back at those times with a smile on my face and a tear in the eye. We've had great times together in Gamma, I've had great times there. But those times are the past now and it is up to the next generation to lead former Gamma, now Kappa Squadron into the future.